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  1. Tattoo is rather the poetry painted on skin where choice made is harder to rid then a reluctant wife. Let’s say I did not find Ael but instead his tattoo found me… it was on a stranger in the street, the distinctive work stood right out and I knew I need to present this artist myself as his canvas. A true visionary, Ael has made great images better for he truly understand he shades on surface that is not flat… he soak up my anatomy and transformed even my flaws into his oil and dye, brushing out not once, but twice the magnum opus on my precious coat.
    I am honoured to pen the virgin testimonial here and even more honoured to have Ael pen his verse on me.
    Thank you.

  2. Ael and tattoo for me go hand in hand. I know him since his days as an apprentice and since then I have admired his extraordinary dedication and talent in the art of tattoo. From the beginning he demonstrated the ability to turn tattooing into a high art. He understands the nature of the motive as well as the canvas of human skin, blending them both into something uniquely beautiful. He has both assisted me in hiding a hideous scar as well as beautifying my skin with a tattoo that has as much meaning to me as it has beauty.
    His ability in creating realistic imagery though subtle shading has to be his most outstanding talent. And as tattoos are for life I am so very happy to know that I can completely trust the skills and judgement of Ael whenever I want to adorn my skin.

  3. If your works are to be given a grade, it will be a D….D for distinction.
    You have an uncanny ability to turn the human skin into an avant garde piece of art. I just like to say thank you for making my loved one a permanent part of me and i give it a grade F… F for fabulous. *Big hug*

  4. I have visited Ael’s tattoo studio for 2 different tattoos. He was so good the first time round, I simply had to go back for a second, and I foresee a third in the (very) near future. What makes Ael such a good tattoo artist is that not only is he passionate about what he does, he has an artistic vision that I find refreshing, unrivaled and simply breathtaking.

    For my first tattoo by Ael, I had told him what I wanted. Instead of just giving me what I wanted, he proposed creative ideas on how that tattoo could be portrayed. How it could look its best, and how it could be optimized to fit my body. I was impressed. I mean tattoo artists are after all creative individuals who knows tattoos more than the layman like myself. He did the same for my second tattoo, and was very patient with my questions. On top of his brilliant tattooing skills, he also holds the best lotions that helped my tattoos heal within a matter of days.

    I have since recommended friends to get inked by him. He has an amazing eye on how to cover up pre-existing tatts, and an incredible talent for shading and portraits. Simply put, Ael is my tattoo artist because he has new and better ideas on what to do, how to do it, and they have always turned out brilliant.

    Thank you Ael. :)

    Justin Chan

  5. i still can recall that very day, that tuesday morning in febuary 2009. having that feeling at the bottom of my stomach when i first came across ael’s work on my fellow colleague at the fire station. shocked with amazement and awed with the originality of his work. it felt like my brain had to register what my eyes saw, totally unbelievable. i knew from then on i had to meet him, in person.

    when i finally did make an appointment with him, i made my way down to tiong baru plaza, just to share my thoughts and views about the ideas in my head. you know, i couldnt have expected anything else, i was just overwhelmed with his pieces of golden art work he had kept in his drawer for the longest time and my god, it felt like right, it needed to be on me.

    it’s been slightly more than a year now and every tattoo i had or have done is only done with ael. his work is flawlessly no doubt and there’s no one can say otherwise.

    every session i have had with ael, alongside with those conversation about anything, with music playing in the background and food that we ate after with ciggis we used to have, have only made me able to express my ideas more and in turn, he has always thought how it’ll look best with great honesty, for the love of the art of tattooing.

    a simple thank you is never enough. you always have my utmost respect and understanding. till the next session :)



  6. I’d spend my last dollar on a tattoo by Ael. Not only is he exceptional in every way an artist can be, he’s a great guy and doesn’t get distracted by chatting while he works. I’ve recommended Ael to every one of my friends, but unfortunately I’m the only one with the balls in my shorts to actually endure the pain. Never mind, I’ll keep trying. Anyway, Thanks Ael for the art, the professionalism and the soy bean milk. :P



  7. Is so difficult to pen down my feelings, not knowing how to express how the best you are and the best work ever done on ME…how others relate to my tatts after seeing them, the emotional attachments are hard to describe..you have given me a gift of life being with my sons always…always, thanks bro..you are really the best tattoo artist I’ve known..glad to have known you..am looking forward to my next project by U soon!!


  8. I got almost a full backpiece from Aelvin. I must say, I absolutely love it! Visit Aelvin today & you’ll get a professional consultation, great designs from a deeply artistic artist, & needless to say, great tattoos! But wait, there’s more! Call now & you’ll also receive a warm, friendly chat with him while he works on you, absolutely free!

    But seriously, I love his work on others & on me as well.

  9. Bro your works are awesome! Never failed to give suprises to your customers. The Maori you did for my feet was magnificant. Sorry could not confirm with you regards to my follow up of my leg and all. Really wish i could work with you as soon as possible. Take Care Bro.

  10. Great guy, gifted artist, not to mention mad whistling skills, enough said

  11. “I view myself as an artist which uses skin as my canvas” – Ael Lim. Fantastic work, brilliant conversationalist, philosopher and mad mad artistic skills. Getting a tattoo from Aelvin is a combination of all the above and then some. Might even pick up a few pointers about life. I definately know who to find to get my third piece done!

  12. Usually when you go on a break from doing tattoos, chances are, you wont visit the same place again after 4 years. But thats what i did. I’ve gotten my first tat done with Aelvin back then when he was still doing apprenticeship at katong plaza. And 4 years later, hes got his own shop, and even awarded ‘Best Cover Up’ category and ‘Best Portrait’ category in the 2009 Tattoo convention. Given all the fame and glory, hes still the same, still willing to entertain a client just for mere discussions, still thinking for best for the customer, and definitely still and alway will be, a friend. All in all, his work is just simply brilliant and very impressive.

    Thanks Ael, and I wish you all the best.

  13. AEL… Artistic, Enthusiastic, Likable!! I got to know him thru my cousin’s strong recommendation. He is really a fantastic tattoo artist! The phoenix that he did for me receives alot of praises from others! And that’s the reason why I got my 3rd tatt from him too. (Remember what come after this masculine phoenix?? Haha!!) My tattoo sessions with him are never bored, always filled with stories, jokes and sometimes serious talk which I always reflect and learn in life…

    Ael, thanks for the tattoos, you are an awesome and gifted artist! For all my future tattoos, you are going to be my only artist!


    Moon L

  14. All the long way down from Germany to Singapore was very well worth the trip to get a tattoo by Ael. I saw one of his pictures in a German magazine and by then I was hooked up to his outstanding works. As you can “IMAGINE” an appointment was planned.

    First time I met Ael in his nice shop, away from all the busy and fast life in Singapore, he had a sketch ready which toppled all what I could have wanted for a tattoo. He is a very inspiring artist, totally dedicated to his work and the art on human flesh. And by the way, he is a modern philosopher with an true understanding of how the world really ticks beside capitalism and profane consume. So the whole tattoo session had an intellectual impact on me too.

    So for everyone in and outside of Singapore, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo… well… get it from Ael, one true dedicated artist with an uncanny understanding for colors and composition.

    Hoping to get another tattoo by him sometime, when I hopefully will visit SG again.

    Best from Germany,

  15. ael, everyone has said what i wanna say about you and your work. i don’t know many great tattoo artists but to me, you’re like the chris garver with a lot more hair. (: hang in there, we’ll probably have another session soon with weird jokes and stuff.

  16. Ael has worked on my tattoos for many years. He always does great designs. Since I met Ael, I have always given him the difficult stuff, trying to weave togther the first 2 tattoos that I had. Over the years, my tribal tattoo had grown to half sleeves on boths arms and upper back.

    During the last session, we cracked our head about what tattoo to do next. In any case, no worries bro, I will keep coming back for more.

  17. I spent hour upon hour checking out every tattoo artist in singapore.I did vast amounts of research trying to decide who was up to the task of doing my cover up.When i read about an ARTIST called aelvin who won 2 awards at the singapore tattoo convention,i was convinced he was the man to cover the tattoo i hated on the back of my neck.Let me tell you this people ive got 32 tattoos on my body.i wish i could turn back time because ael would have done each and everyone of them for me.He is A 100% total proffesional.I can in all honesty say if you are contemplating getting a tattoo and want an ARTIST who will deliver the goods its AEL who you should book an appointment with, no hesitation in recomending ael to anyone he is a truly gifted individual.(I AM ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED WITH THE WORK OF ART AEL HAS DONE FOR ME.JUST LIKE ARNIE I”LL BE BACK BRO) BEST REGARDS MATE FROM DAVEYMAC NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE ENGLAND

  18. being wanted to do have a second tattoo on my arm for the past 2 year but yet to find any design that i can truly relate to. one fine saturday afternoon changes it, my friend introduce Ael to me, i went to his shop to tell him my ideas and concept. i was amazed by his creativity in the first session, Ael immediately draw the design on my arm, everything was spotted on, my ideas and concepts were visualised, truly amazing. the next few session were enjoyable and fruitful, we chat about life in general and joke throughout. in the end, its not just a tattoo i getting, i felt that i understand myself even more. if i gonna get another tattoo, i know who will be responsible for it, Ael definitely.

    A big thank you.

  19. This is my first tattoo and i was scared! But Ael and his studio made it all relaxing and comfortable.

    First of all, his studio is a really interesting place. I love the location and interior deco. Ael is a pleasant and easy-going person. Anyone can talk to him about anything so there’s not much uncomfortable silence or arkward moments.

    I love his creativity. Just tell him what you like and he’ll complete the picture. I, for one, don’t have much artistic ablity. So i greatly appreciate him helping me to materialize the picture in my mind. I’m really happy with the tattoo that was done. It was something dear to me and touched my heart.

    Ael is also concerned about providing proper care and follow-up. There’s a free touch-up session 2 weeks later. And he’d still ask about your progress after the tattoo is done. Thanks for the extra concern! Oh yar, and the tattoo actually didn’t hurt. Ael was skillful and gentle.

    Everything’s good. I have nothing to complain about (and believe me, i’d usually have tonnes of complaints). Great company, nice place, trustable skills, value-for-money…

    Absolutely smashin’! This place rocks!!!

  20. finding a tattoo artist, to me, it’s like finding a soulmate as you need to have some kind of connection and let it be communicated through the artwork that you two put together. and the coincidence is, we share the same birth date!

    One of my blessings in life is to get to know Ael and the chemistry we have has churned out amazing tattoo pieces, art pieces. He knows exactly what i want, and i trust his vision and creativity. I feel totally safe and secure under his pair of skilled hands, eagle eyes and stimulating ingenious mind. each time i tell him the story of the tattoo i want to do, he is always able to reflect them in my tattoos. i love every pieces that he had done for me and when i looked at them, i saw my stories come alive.

    well, Ael, i would have more tattoos to come, more stories to tell. And one day, i will tell your story too, if you allow, it will be my honour.


    PS: We are talking about an artist and his artwork and the piece of art on your skin. So if price is more of an issue than the artwork or your skin… piss off… go somewhere else.

  21. your tattooo gallery is sooo awesome ,i really like ur color potrait n anime tattoo..i am really want to know ur shop addresss..pls tel me

  22. hi zofir my address is at 195 pearl’s hill terrace, #01-33. Enigami.

  23. I recently had my grandma’s portrait tattooed by Ael and it was awesome. After it was done, I looked at it, and damn, it was like she had been ressurected and immortalized on my skin. I don’t know what goes through Ael’s mind to be able to bring things to life like that. I’m not an artist, but merely an art collector (body art that is…).
    Enigami’s definitely the place to go to and Ael the person to speak to if you’re looking have a flawless, quality, realistic, and perfect tattoo done…

  24. Didn’t really know how to describe how i felt of Ael’s work…. Seeing how his skills n work evolved n perfecting over the few years, i must say he’s really getting very good at it =) His artwork really impressed me, so do his ideas about tattoos while we chat during the tattoo sessions =) He makes me feel that tattooing is really a work of art on skin, rather than just the conventional tattoo…

    Hope that one day I’ll b able to get a masterpiece artwork done by Ael, again =) So those who wants art instead of conventional tattoos, Ael’s the person to look for =)

  25. Took me 10 years to finally decide whether to get my 1st tattoo. Glad I did it and it’s from Ael. When I was at his shop on the 1st ocassion, I didn’t know what kind of tattoo to get but I knew the idea will be my wedding band’s design. He proposed a potrait kind of look which I agreed.

    Even on the day of tattoo-ing, I was abit worried as the initial print on my body wasn’t able to fully protrait the final outlook. But after 3hrs of non-stop chatting, my 1st tattoo was excellently executed. It was so real & precise due to the 3D effect.

    If not for my Mrs..I would have gotten another 1 from Ael within weeks. But no worries, the next tattoo will be the name(s) of my kid, if not, my dog.

    Wait for Ael : ).

  26. Ael has done the most intricate fonts on my chest, every detail was spot on and i never regretted the work. He is truly amazing when it comes to detailing and very meticulous with his work. Very good artist, very talented individual. Waiting to do my next tattoo again, with Ael needless to say.


  27. I was searching for someone who could not only do an excellent job in getting my ideas on skin, I was also looking for someone who could put my ideas into design and improve on the ideas.
    Ael was the man for the job!
    His professionalism and creative mind birthed the tattoo I wear and am still proud to show off today! The details are sharp and the whole process spiritual. He takes a healthy amount of time to understand your design needs and ideas.

    Thanks bro!

  28. Each time i show my portrait tattoo the first reaction would be ” huh! how anh? ” :)

    Ael’s artistic touch knows no boundaries. His tattoos are not just streaks of ink on skin but it has a soul and depth that will make you dumbfounded.

    For me Ael is not just a tattooist, he is a magician who made the impossible possible.
    For life whenever im down whenever i need courage all i need to do is look at my tattoo and looking straight at me are those eyes i love so much DEPICTED BY AEL SO WELL TILL IT GIVES YOU THE GOOSE BUMPS. It is as though the portrait has a life of its own.

    Thank you so much Ael. If ever there is a calling again for another tattoo for me…..i will definitely knock on your door :)

    My best wishes to you Ael and hope you make it big someday soon…..

  29. My sister and I did our first tattoo with Ael.

    What I appreciate about him is that he puts careful thoughts into his work and with his creativity, he transforms an idea into a beautiful piece of art.

    The process to finalizing my tattoo took much longer because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. We had to completely change the first design, and Ael was very accommodating.

    He took into account all elements that I finally knew I wanted on my tattoo and created a unique representation of me, and a piece of art that is loved by everyone that I have shown it to.

    Thanks Ael for the awesome job!!! :)

  30. AEL is the most talented tattoo artist i have ever met. I couldn’t express what i want and all i did was to show him a pic i found on website which i like and he immediate understood me and especially design a simple yet artistic tattoo which suit my personality and my job. AEL is very detailed and friendly. The most important thing is – he made the tattoo according to personality like a tailor-made suit!

    All my friends and colleagues are amazed at this exclusive tattoo design i am now carrying – raving that AEL is indeed talented and amazing!

    I will highly recommend AEL to anyone.

  31. I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. His works amaze me time and time again with both quality and consistency. I’ve only got two tattoos and both were done by ael. And as long as he’s around there’s no way I’m going to someone else.

  32. Recently had a potrait tattoo done by Ael, very friendly and easy-going person. Was my very first tattoo, but i knew i was in good hands.The end results were amazing, one thing i liked about is the attention towards minor details.So glad i got tattooed by Ael, definitely will go back to him if i ever decided to get a second tattoo.

  33. Way overdued on this. Finding the right guy to ink on u is already tough, more so on a portrait of ppl close to u. We his low key way of going about his business I was glad I found imagine tattoo. My relatives n frens were all impressed by the details and realism, most imptly my folks are extremely happy w the way it turned out. Now for the next in plan Ael!

  34. The last time I came to his studio, Ael told me about this testimonial section in which I can fill in. I intentionally took some times before I finally write something here. The reason for which was I really wanna contribute an honest and sincere testimonial for him. So I decided to wait while keeping my eyes on the tattoo he artistically made for me, a picture of my mom. After days of sunshine and beaches and what have you, I looked at my tattoo again and guess what… It was still as artistic and pretty as when it was needled for the first time. So, I can tell you this: quality-wise, Ael is the guy that you would wanna look for; and if you’re nervous or whatever to get yourself tattooed, then Ael and his studio (plus a variety of music selections) will be your curer. All in all, loved your work bro and stay in touch! Buzz me when you’re in London.

  35. Ahhh. This testimonial has been long overdue because of the way i would like to express my excitement and happiness of the quality of art produced by Ael was not exactly easy to put into words. I would begin with the nature of my tattoo piece. I got a Bear Tattoo bursting out of a forest of maple leaves. Firstly, I would like to point out that my tattoo was extremely well done, the realism of the piece is simply mindblowing. I would also like to thank Ael for producing such a wonderful piece of art that now stays on my arm as the most permanent form of art any human can ever receive. The duration of time taken for all the planning and the actual tattoo sessions were also extremely efficient. I went down to his studio told him my idea, 3 weeks later he worked out the general idea of it and a week later “boom” we’re down to business. This was my first tattoo hence i really had no idea what to expect and in my view it was a pretty big piece as it now covers a little less than half of my entire arm. The best part of it all was it only took 2 sessions to complete and the quality of work produced was certainly of such high quality. Ael’s tattoo studio also has a range of awesome music that actually helps you get your mind of the pain of the session. Trust me. You wouldn’t regret trusting your skin to Ael because he is that good of a tattoo artist. Honestly, i am going to get more pieces done. Perhaps, as a new idea comes to mind, I will most definitely head down to Ael’s studio to allow him to work his magic on my human canvas once again. Cheers Ael! Keep on producing those awesome pieces man!

  36. I went to Imagine Studio by coincidence, but is there any coincidence in life? I wanted to have a dragonfly in my lower back but for several unclear reasons I had been postponing it for already 1 year. Today I have the most beautiful dragonfly I would have dreamt of, the delicacy of the details is a genuine artwork. It took 2 hours to complete this rather small piece but it proves the attention to his work the artist gave. I am simply very….happy !

  37. I’ve been contemplating how to express my eternal love to my wife for a few weeks and have decided to have her portrait on my chest. After sometime searching for the right artist, I found Ael. He is really a great guy. After hearing my story, he agreed to squeeze me into his busy schedule. This was my first tattoo and Ael gave me suggestions for the placement and made sure the portrait was really realistic. The portrait turned out very well. My wife was speechless and took a while for her emotions to sink in then I heard her whisper “Thank You”.

    Aelvin, thanks for the making this special moment in our lives possible. God Bless you and your family.

  38. Time flies, memories become weak and change is the only constancy. I wanted to capture a piece of it. Photos may perish or be misplaced, but a tattoo is a part of you and who you are, giving you sense of permanence and possession. What I wanted to capture was sheer joy, innocence and beauty and something my heart wouldn’t ever alter- the angelic image of my son Jaden when he was a year old.
    I began to hunt earnestly for a tattoo artist who would help me in this endeavour. I checked locally, searched many sites, found many but few inspired any confidence. Then i came across this website IMAGINETATTOOING.COM saw the tattoos done by AELVIN LIM (known as AEL). I was mesmerised with the tattoos that i witnessed. I knew in my heart that i found the person i had been looking for.
    But time was being a tough adversary. Twice i was in SINGAPORE but was unable to get the tattoo done. I was being met at every step by some constraint or the other and things were getting difficult for me. But i waited for my next visit to SINGAPORE to get the tattoo done by Ael as my heart and mind couldnt comprehend getting the tattoo done by any other tattoo artist other than AEL. Finally after a long wait of about 2 years by God’s grace i got the tattoo done by AEL on 08Mar2013.
    This was my 1st tattoo. Ael made me feel so comfortable, and it really didn’t seem as if we were meeting for the first time; it rather felt like a happy reunion of old friends. It was a beautiful journey of 5 and half hours with Ael, his warm companionship and artistry. Pain didn’t seem to be part of the business at all.
    I now have the joy of my world inked into me and forever it will be with me. Everyone around is just amazed with the tattoo. Awesome work bro! Thank you very much God Bless you and your family may all your dreams come true. It has been a pleasure knowing you Ael, my dear friend. All the best to you and see you soon!

    Jerry Joseph

  39. I had a tattoo 2 years back in Miami, yup, everyone thought it’s amazing to get a tattoo there or maybe just me. I choose a dream catcher tattoo and a bear paw within the dream catcher with 2 red feathers, yes you heard me, 2 red feathers. B’cos that’s what printed on the catalogue and the feathers are actually light brown (coz blood dried to brown). I thought he’d give me the brown feathers like the catalogue. And you might have guessed by now, what I had is a dream catcher with 2 red chilli hanging there. No kidding! I was devastated!

    First thing when I’m back in Singapore, I seek help from a few tattoo parlors, all told me the same thing, it can’t be covered, the colors are too strong. Some even suggest me to get a black Panther or a sting ray to cover over it. I was helpless, I even went to a doctor asking the tattoo to be removed. But the doctor says colors (red, green & yellow) cannot be removed.

    Thank god I met Ael, he is the last of the numerous tattoo artists I spoke to. And my search ends there. I just had my final session of cover up and it looked amazing! I now have a flower and a humming bird tattoo that looked amazingly beautiful and there is absolutely no trace of my old tattoo visible. I’m so over the moon now and so full of gratitude. Thanks to Ael for his superb skills and patience with me, he didn’t give me up when other tattoo artists gave up, he made what everyone else says impossible possible! And a mere thank you cannot convey my gratefulness.

  40. I always wanted to have a tattoo but I was concerned about trusting someone enough to make what is after-all a permanent change to my body. So eventually there was this special occasion where I wanted to surprise somebody. So, I did my research (as usual on the internet) and Ael came up in the top 5 in SIN. I looked at his web-site and found that the quality of his work was very impressive and convincing.

    I decided to contact him even though my Tattoo was simple, most of his work on the website was complex, so I was concerned that my case may not be interesting enough for him. I was delighted that he took me very seriously, he responded very quickly and efficiently and we discussed the details of the design in much detail.

    The communication with Ael was very smooth, we didn’t have to go backwards and forwards very much over everything. The whole experience was very professional.

    The result was exactly what I wanted – the person who I wanted to surprise was more than delighted !

    So that was the start of my journey – I now have a 2nd tattoo from Ael and who knows where the journey takes! I think having a trusted tattoo artist is like not imagining of changing your hair dresser or your dentist once you have been convinced by the quality of their work!

    My recommendation would be that for people who are cautious about having their very first Tattoo, Ael is definitely a great person and artist to start with ?

    Thanks and all the best for 2014!!

  41. I’ve nvr been inked before, n I had a tattoo done by Ael. He carved a portrait of my late son ,17 days after my angel passed on. Very personal, emotional session for me n Ael told me he actually knows abt the tragic accident Tt happ to my 3yr old son. M glad to f inked by Ael on jan 2014. N did a handwriting tattoo(name written by my late son) by Ael today.. His views are practical and personal … Tq Ael, for the mesmerizing portrait of my son. All my frens n family love it. U have the magic in ur hands tts seen in the eyes of my beloved son on my skin. Great, humble artist.