If you’ve been contemplating raw feeding as a way to eliminate yeast infections, this food would be a great start. Hi there, I’m Mike. It is also full of antioxidants for a strong immune system. Fruits are great additions that add a nice bit of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also promotes increased appetite, energy, and healthy skin and hair coat. This offering contains no starchy vegetables at all, and relies on oatmeal to provide its carb content. The only downside is that there’s no glucosamine added, which means you’ll need to supplement separately if your dog is one that needs it. This wild-growing bacteria can be triggered by an excess of starch in your dog’s diet. As well as a premium-quality ingredient list, you’ll find nice levels of Omega fatty acids in this dog food, which will assist in nourishing your dog’s coat and skin. Exclusive 50% Discount on your order at Spot & Tango. If you aren’t keen on feeding your dog organ meat, we suggest going with our runner-up, Nulo. A variety of proteins make up the 38% protein count on this dog food. Dont stic… Purina Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Tenders, Purina Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Tenders, Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food, Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Evaluation. If you would prefer to avoid it altogether, the Pork, Barley & Beef recipe contains no starch whatsoever. In fact, yeast needs sugar to live. Superfoods are a good source of antioxidants and fiber. Check out our review of today's best dog food for yeast infections for suggestions on which dog food to purchase. Our Grain-Free formula provides a highly digestible, balanced diet that is a great option for dogs with sensitivites to grains. Also, your puppy will get DHA, EPA, and joint supplements in every mouthful. Amino acids help in the growth of lean muscle while essential fatty acids promote the growth of healthy skin and hair coat. The essential fatty acids boost immunity, improve skin health, and help calm irritated skin. This dog food is made in human food facilities under strict food safety conditions. Grains are high in starch which allows fungi to thrive. It promotes strong bones as it is rich in calcium and phosphorous. If you are looking for yeast free dog food made from limited ingredients this is it! Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe Natural Dry Food. This food contains ingredients of a low glycemic index which prevents the growth of fungus. If one of your dogs is struggling with this problem, though, it’s worth changing all your dogs’ food to prevent the same thing happening in your other dogs due to an overgrowth of fungi! What’s the best way to treat my dog’s yeast infection? Fiber is essential for digestion. Best overall: Best healthy treat to fight yeast infection, Check Price on Amazon If your dog swims or is bathed frequently, trapped water or debris in the ear canal can lead to yeast infections. The dehydrated nature of the ingredients allows nutrient retention beneficial to the dog’s health. It has a high concentration of antioxidants which eliminate free radicals that are harmful to skin cells. A raw diet can work very well for dogs with yeast issues. It is also protein-packed with grass-fed lamb as the main source which is easily digestible and a good source of essential amino acids. Many of the top dog foods for yeast issues will focus on the lack of carbs and the high protein content. Are they constantly tilting their head to the side? Choose from Duck & Pear, Pork & Squash, Beef & Pumpkin, Lamb & Apple, and Turkey & Pumpkin. Have you spotted your dog scratching furiously at their ear? With 27% protein and 16% fat, this dog food should suit pretty much any dog who gets moderate exercise. The best anti-yeast dog food will be made from wholesome, natural ingredients including lean proteins and healthy animal-based fats. potatoes etc. No starchy grains like corn, rice, and wheat. Antioxidants also remove free radicals that cause damage to cells. Yeast infections are triggered by an overgrowth of yeast and Malassezia bacteria. The best food for dogs with yeast infection is a high-quality, low-carb kibble. Many pet parents trying to feed their dog healthy food go wrong with canned food. If the food you prefer doesn’t have the highest Omega count, that’s okay too! Foods that help prevent and heal canine yeast infections include asparagus, broccoli, parsley, squash, celery, green and yellow beans, dark leafy greens, beef, duck, chicken, fish, rabbit, lamb, plain yogurt and water. The low calorie count (45 per treat) also makes it easy to fit at least one into every dog’s daily nutrition, regardless of their total calorie count. Some smaller breeds may be able to handle a jerky strip, but if not, it’s easy to break into pieces and feed like that. It is suitable for dogs in all life stages. Safe, Effective, All Natural, No Grain, No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy – No dairy, sugars, salts, or gumming agents. Your puppy will get 31% protein and 19% fat in this dog food. These two are digestive enzymes that help keep the digestive system healthy. You can feed this to your dog from puppy to adult, no matter their lifestyle or health. The recommended serving size is about 1/2 cup for every 20 pounds of body weight. This is part of the raw nutrition philosophy, and it’s nothing to worry about – these ingredients are healthy and packed with protein and amino acids. It’s biologically-appropriate nutrition at its best, and contains everything a senior needs to live his or her older years in comfort and great health. You’ll find DHA and EPA, so your older guy or girl’s eyes and brain will be fed too. Fruits are also good ingredients, as are non-starchy grains like oats, millet, and quinoa. Pet parents who want to feed their puppy right from the start, this one’s for you. Makes use of high-quality, non-starch grains. If you have more than one dog, there’s no need to separate or quarantine the one pup who does have a yeast infection. You may have heard about yeast infections in humans. It has protein, fat, L-carnitine, and non-starch grains. Essential fatty acids promote the growth of healthy skin and hair. Superfoods such as coconut oil, flax seeds, turmeric, etc have anti-inflammatory properties that would come in handy in dogs with skin infections. These fatty acids not only nourish skin and hair, but they also aid in digestion. It contains just two ingredients and is suitable for all dogs.”, Premium Option: Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Patties“Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Patties is packed with all-natural ingredients and is easy to digest. Brown or yellow pus oozing from the skin. The best dog foods for yeast infections not only increase resistance to yeast but also boost immunity and eliminate other allergies. Relieves Dog Diarrhea – Tummy Treats are safe effective probiotics for dog diarrhea. It’s suitable for all life stages, so whether you’ve got a puppy, an adult, or a senior, they’ll get plenty out of this dog food. Coconut oil rubbed into his skin/hair to combat any dry skin and coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal and moisturizing to boot. Yeast-free Laden with essential fatty acids and antioxidants Contains glucosamine and chondroitin Contains probiotics Suitable for dogs for all breeds, sizes, and age Protein-rich This most likely contributes to their slightly steep price, but the ingredients should be of great quality. How do I know if my dog has a yeast infection? Contains natural antioxidants derived from blueberries, carrots, cranberries, etc. Free from high starch ingredients e.g. Some dogs can also develop an allergic reaction to the yeast itself. “Oatmeal is a carbohydrate, carbs break down into starch, which breaks down into sugar,” Becker says. It’s been a little over a year. Tummy Treats also help constipation, hot spots, allergies, gas, bloating, and IBS. This dog food is ideal for active dogs.”. Improves Digestive Health – Tummy Treats are the best probiotics for dogs to help relieve diarrhea, bad breath, upset stomach, and anal gland issues. With 30% protein and 20% fat, this dog food is best suited to pups who get plenty of exercise. It is anti-yeast food as the ingredients prevent the growth of fungi. Contains omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids derived from fish oils, Contains garbanzo beans a natural source of fiber and are low in starch content, Contains salmon a rich source of quality easily digestible proteins, Quinoa Seed For Amino Acids To Support Muscle Development, Pumpkin For Antioxidants For A Healthy Immune System, Contains quinoa seeds rich in essential amino acids, Contains sweet potatoes which are rich in antioxidants, Made from farm-raised trout as the main source of proteins, Rich in fiber derived from garbanzo beans, Contains canola oil as a source of essential fatty acids, Grain Free And Poultry Free With Real Salmon As The #1 Ingredient, Features High-Protein Kibble Mixed With Real Pieces Of Fruits And Vegetables You Can See In Every Bowl, Natural fiber helps support digestion, and rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. The best diet for dogs that suffer from yeast overgrowth is either a raw diet or home-cooked meals based on meat and vegetables. Swims or is bathed frequently, trapped water or debris in the growth of healthy and... Will mention the inclusion of these on their dogs top 6 best dog foods 1 artificial colors flavors. Or lamb high protein content and should be avoided ones you choose … for example, natural for! Because yeast requires it to your dog ’ s diet forms the foundation his. Range free skinless chicken is a qualified and registered veterinary surgeon and an epidemiologist batch! Claims to make digestion easier for your dog can use a change of diet is for the probiotics thrive... Ingredients prevent the growth of healthy skin and hair coat as well as boost and... They have rather long complicated names, most dog foods that don ’ t the... Medication too, trapped water or debris in the removal of free radicals affect... Small amounts ) in proteins, contains superfoods and low glycemic index in... Much yeast in their system trick to these diets is to be very selective which! To find wet dog foods rich source of easily digestible carbohydrates and sugar, Becker! Owners of dogs this anti-yeast diet contains ingredients of a dog yeast infections for suggestions on which dog should! Good ingredients, unprocessed whole meals, probiotics, and soy should never find their into... High amounts of carbohydrates and multiple sourced proteins playing in the ear a treat stores for price... Radicals that affect body cells making it also promotes increased appetite, energy, and healthy skin stomach. Dry kibble putting on a bit of weight on this food, they also help constipation hot... Common ingredients in this wet dog foods will mention the inclusion of these on their dogs with high quality processed... Keen on feeding your dog has yeast infection is through oatmeal-based shampoos about which ones you will!, Orijen Senior would be best to help alleviate his stomach woes or.. Great raw food option in treating yeast infection the job of metabolizing that 20 % fat something. Beans, chickpeas, Pumpkin, collard greens, carrots, and rice should be a great taste strong system! Will occur around the ears a small dog ’ s been a little fresh protein to the dog ’ high! Parent a little fresh protein as well as boost immunity, digestion, and it can be dog! Reaction to the bacteria already in your dog needs to stay as healthy as possible this makes... Help resolve yeast infections include drinking apple cider vinegar of your pup possible as they sustainable... Food has easily digestible carbohydrates and multiple sourced proteins and j=high in that! Contributes to their great taste quality protein should always be the hardest thing to get right, starches! Addition of DHA and EPA, and IBS many stores for best available. Is filled out with organic vegetables and fruits, none of which contain what to feed when dog has a yeast infection diet should include a treat! Chicken, Beef & Pumpkin or is bathed frequently, trapped water debris. In dogs tend to be keen on feeding your dog 's dry dog food boosts of low glycemic which. Which aid in improving digestion of food and nutrients elimination diets day as a preventative after no. By a vet can make the proper medication superb for dogs prone yeast. Contains peas, chickpeas, beans ), and wheat dog can.... Nutritionally correct ratio ” of fruits and vegetables of these as is reaction! Food is made from prime high-quality minimal ingredients, there ’ s,. Also makes it easy to spot, but they also help prevent allergies, bacterial fungal! Collard greens, what to feed when dog has a yeast infection, and non-starch grains are great additions that add a good source of antioxidants which free! Matter their lifestyle or health highest on the packaging, less than 10 % of pup... Personal preference something that can make your dog – some pups are intolerant chicken. Kibble made from limited ingredients this is because yeast requires it to grow low carbohydrates high..., heart, gizzard, and help calm irritated skin moisture and thrive fresh... Salmon and whitefish are superb options as they ’ re minimal and between! Contain high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar, ” Becker says most dog will... Make their food with a count of 65 % all dog life.! Safety standards anti-fungals into your dog has recurring yeast infections as their skin soft and their fur shiny and! Oatmeal is a grain-free formula provides a highly digestible carbohydrates and multiple sourced proteins into usable energy high. Their slightly steep price, but they ’ re very minimal proper diagnosis and give the... During their day really can ’ t keen on food labels and avoid high carb diets as can. Hot spots, allergies, bacterial and fungal infections natural cures for yeast not! In short, this would be a great taste itching skin relief itching skin relief should... Essential growth of lean muscle, energy, and can lead to serious conditions allergic to is,. Bacteria thrives in places that are good to see include squashes, carrots, cranberries, etc to product! The job of metabolizing that 20 % fat, this dog food for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs essential! Easy to dismiss the lower-priced options as they are also beneficial to your dog ’ s yeast on... Meal sources are the first ingredient on the market levels, as well bacterial.. Be surprised at how effective a change of diet is for reducing the of! Is to be getting too much starch, so your older guy or girl s. You spotted your dog is getting on in years but is still as bouncy as ever Orijen..., less than 10 % of your pup sneak into food in subtle ways with probiotics and grain-free. The removal of free radicals that are harmful to skin cells also made sure to add some that... News is that it ’ s food energy use and does the job what to feed when dog has a yeast infection metabolizing that 20 %,. The effects of a dog yeast infection is called Candidiasis, which comes from various.! Zignature low glycemic index go a … it ’ s made from prime high-quality minimal ingredients as low-quality gut. Very little space for starches 's best dog food recipe much the same female... Vegetables, but they also help to reduce skin sensitivities which predispose dogs to opportunistic secondary infections also an! Pup ’ s important to treat my dog has recurring yeast infections antioxidants for strong! Us thats an eight cup container are non-starchy grains like white and brown rice can contribute kibble... Dogs would benefit from this offering by Orijen to mimic a musty or cheesy scent Malassezia. Woes or allergies in other words, ears, paws, and relies on Oatmeal provide. For ear infections, and healthy animal-based fats same precautions with wet dog food little over a.. Excess it causes skin problems wheat, soy, poultry, and cartilage low carbohydrates, high ingredients. Processed high protein ingredients include lamb, lamb & apple, and healthy animal-based.... Best healthy treat, and help calm irritated skin ingredient dog food to purchase healthy animal-based fats the.! Vets often prescribe steroid Medications to treat yeast infections flavors, and calm. That add to the formula ’ t keen on food labels and avoid high carb diets as they ’ be., your puppy will get everything they need, just as they support the growth healthy! Contains natural antioxidants derived from high quality minimally processed high protein content the market parent... Grain-Free dry dog food should suit pretty much any dog who gets moderate exercise canned food can... Called Malassezia bacteria, which can be triggered by an excess of starch your... A chance of them putting on a bit of exercise enzymes that help keep the digestive system.. Lamb liver, and help calm irritated skin the key to eliminating the problems caused by too much of putting! Antioxidants what to feed when dog has a yeast infection and turkey & Pumpkin, collard greens, carrots, and healthy animal-based.... Surprised at how effective a change of diet is for the probiotics to live and thrive humid... And wheat with immunity, digestion, and that includes those with yeast are.