DEX is needed for both Hit rate and to reduce Throw Huuma Shuriken's cast time. Throw Huuma Shuriken - … Swirling Petal / Kunai Splash - From 99-185, these will be your main skills You can switch to Magic once you are an oboro as you will get charms. can be spammed but drains sp fast . Indice Nova Ro: 1) Build Auto Attack. useful if player is going to be leveling with only throw shuriken . In the case of Swirling Petal, Agi is used to decrease Cast Time. 0 4 67 . Por isso, eles formaram uma grande Aliança e embarcaram para a outra dimensão, como uma grande prova de progresso. Everything about Oboro, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. Click en la imagen para ir a la sección. Throw Up to 100,000 Zeny, ignore target defense and cause random damage. Throw Shuriken - Useful for low level leveling. You'd want to farm the Golden Ninja Set from Rockridge Quest/Mobs once you are an Oboro to make leveling easier. Builds Oboro. Ragnarok Online Oboro skill effect and description. The throwing build uses new skills strengthened by Kagerou and Oboro. Throw Kunai - Was once a powerful spell, now does very low damage and has terrible cast delay.. Builds Doram Summoner. Builds Rebellion. Class Data A Run-down On The Ninja's Skills. Damage is … Indice Nova Ro: Dagger Throwing Practice - This skill raises shuriken damage. Build: Int / Dex Elemental damage dual wield throwing (Ragnarok required) Synopsis: Runeword: Feather is used to equip throwing weapons without investing points into strength. 2) Build Critical. Dual Wield throwing weapons – Int based – Shaman (Rune/Spirit) but Spirit can be replaced with another supporting mastery as you wish. Oboro bRO – Thor / Oboro por Maay última edição 4 months ago – último post 4 months ago. Builds Servidor. Except Rapid Throw, all the throwing skills are based on Str to increase ATK and Dex to increase the skill modification. Rune Weapon boosts your intellect to huge numbers to buff your elemental damage and … I'm level 9x with Eden equipments using Kunai Throwing to kill stuff but I know this won't really last much and want to know how to lead my character properly. Ordem. Build Oboro (evolução feminina do ninja) Ragnarok Para ocupar novos postos de poder nos exércitos e organizações gaijins, os ninjas precisaram evoluir. Classe. Ninja level 99 job level 70 ----> Kagerou/Oboro level 99 job level 1 ... - 16 th Night สำหรับร่าย earth charn/Throw ต่างๆ ได้เร็วขึ้น ... - Rapid Throw ปาเงินสุดแรง *****ควร build มาทางสายนี้ตั้งแต่ Ninja 0 1 12 . Throw Huuma Shuriken is also SP intensive, so a decent amount of INT is recommended. Throwing builds attempt to capitalize on the Ninja's throwing skills. Arquivo de builds. 0 1 268 . Click en la imagen para ir a la sección. 2) Build Magic. I want it mainly for MvP, Instances and PvP(really unlikely to go WoE). Titan Quest - Rune Dual Wield Throwing Build (Ragnarok Only) Finished a legendary run with Ragnarok’s new throwing weapons and just wanted to share my thoughts. The main throwing skills are Swirling Petal, Kunai Splash, Kunai Explosion and Rapid Throw. Ninpou Xexenia Do Matsuhide bRO – Thor / Oboro por MatsuhidenoMin 6 months ago– último post 3 months ago. Indice Nova Ro: 1) Build Throwing. Throw Kunai - This will be your main skill from 1-99. Throwing skills are based on STR for damage, so this is the primary stat. 3) Build Slug Shot.