Real fog lights, unlike the ones pictured in your article, mitigate the problem by using a very wide and uniform horizontal dispersion beam pattern with a sharp vertical cutoff that illuminates the road directly in front and the edges of the road, without a longer-range central blob of light like a headlight’s that would simply reflect off fog into your eyes. Hi all, I received my aftermarket fog lights and will try to install them myself sometime next week. It is best to study the fog light wiring diagram that came with your package. To: <[hidden email]> Subject: [TriumphTrophy] Aftermarket fog light wiring Date: Sat, Jan 11, 2014 3:10 am Hello! The cost for OEM fog lights is relatively inexpensive, and you may even be able to install aftermarket fog lights at nearly the same price. One of these wires from each fog light has already been connected to ground. The rule of thumb is this: the fuse ought to be rated near 80% of the amperage of the wire. If you are replacing existing lights, you will first need to remove those. Throw down the wiring harness form the relay and switch kit and connect it to your fog lamp unit. Could anyone direct me to some information on how best to wire in aftermarket front fog lights on my '97 900? I jammed on my brakes just in time so I wouldn’t rearend the Volvo 1800. If you live in an area that necessitates the use of fog lights on a regular basis it is better to go for a longer lasting light e.g. September 21, 2012 @ 7:57 am I know that 16 gauge is too large because that is used for several non-lighting circuits in my Sprite. Hot fog light bulbs create high pressures inside the fog lights assembly, and temperature differences only increase as lens cover surfaces cool from direct airflow contact at speed. If I understand correctly, you have the power for the new lights tapped off the low-beam source, and the power for the relay coming from the fuse-block. July 13, 2013 @ 12:30 pm April 16, 2015 @ 5:02 pm September 27, 2016 @ 10:51 am If I'm not mistaken, there is a Mopar fog light kit to install. I want to wire (5) LED spot lights to one switch, each light has puts out 35 watts and my jeep puts out 12.25 volts. Larry Vern. Hella USA used to import a couple different rear fog lights and a really neat switch that could allow just the rear fog light to operate, allow just the front fog lights to operate and a combo of both. After a few smoke-filled incidents I am much more careful. alfi. Start with the ground connections for each component. Tom Pearson. I installed a 30A, 12V relay in the fog light socket inside the fuse box under the hood. Step 5: Connect the wires to a relay and switch wiring kit, directions for which you can follow on our relay and switch installation guide. No aftermarket switches, relays, or wiring to cause problems. Don't cut the stock wiring, save you issues later on. Fog lights don’t penetrate fog. If theres not an "easy" way ill just keep flipping that switch. Not that I’m an expert or anything but connecting the other way round as explained in the write-up would be basically the same as crimping both fog lights to one low-beam headlight which would result in blowing the headlight fuse(?). Locate a suitable body connection point and drill a 7/64-inch hole in the body. You can now enjoy your new fog lamps. Here, a universal aftermarket fog light bracket and lights are installed after custom drilling. Wiring aftermarket fog lights - posted in Audio, Electrics and Lighting: Hi all, I'm wanting to wire my aftermarket lower grille fog lights into the existing front fog light wiring (the ones integrated into the headlights) are there any Need to push the button to turn in the fog lights or off. How Long Can You Expect Them To Last? A three way connection is made to the power source for both lights. The relay ground terminal is numbered “85”. And the mechanic said, "Let there be light!" How many fuses do I need and what size? Robert. Fog light from dealer $250+ tax Install non dealer. I drive a 1994 Dodge Caravan and I was wondering how to wire my fog lights so they automatically turn off when I switch to high beams. When you flip back to low beam, the 12V is lost, causing the relay to close Connect Your Fog Light Switch Your installation package will come with a power wire that's split in the shape of a "Y". iJDMTOY (1) 9005 9006 H10 Relay Harness Wire Kit with LED Light ON/OFF Switch Compatible With Aftermarket Fog Lights, Driving Lights, Xenon Headlight Lighting Kit, LED Work Lamp, etc 4.4 out of 5 … This way they obey your interior switch, but shut off … I agree – assuming the switch activates the connection between 30 and 87on the relay, I would have thought 30 on the relay should be connected to the fuse-block and the low current supply to the switch from the low-beam wire. If there is no “top" or arrow indicating orientation, use DOT wording or brand logo to find the right side up. This article was very helpful, as well as were the critical comments. These electrical systems are fragile enough without adding aftermarket accessories. For those 4Runner owners who live in rainy, snowy and foggy areas, a good set of fog lights can make all the difference when it comes to seeing the road ahead. However, what struck me as the most awesome thing about this whole experience (and I believe I speak for many others who won’t take the time to comment) is the author’s humility. The lights automatically go off when the ignition is turned off. There are a few screws on the bottom near the bumper, and a few plastic retaining clips on the edge of the wheel well. © Copyright 2020 Moss Motors, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. It appears to be prewired for fog lights. I picked up two vintage fog lights at a yard sale and these will be installed on my Volvo. inferred nor implied that any item sold by iJDMTOY is a product authorized by or If you purchased your relay from a reputable source, it will have numbered terminals, which aid greatly in connecting everything correctly. My question is, the aftermarket light switch is a push button which is not like the OEM one. How do you wire aftermarket fog lights? Honda Accord: How to Install Fog Light Assembly Fog lights are a great way to improve your visibility at night, while adding a little flair to the front end of your Honda Accord. The PIA unit is somewhat expensive but far less than having some idiot smack you in the rear in foggy weather because he was driving too fast for conditons. As Ed stated, fog lights are effective because it prevents stray light from being reflected back into the driver’s eyes. Wire gauge noted and colors identified each unit reads 35 watts information regarding the color of lighting system one install. Dot wording or brand logo to find the right to your bumper of... Snow falls at every terminal point your package or online at our fog. • Mar 31, 2013 @ 5:59 pm ric Glomstad your relay from a wire! Switch, and a simple solution to a normal household plug in and make work... Thick fog the right to your bumper added a new bumper that has the holes for them and it... That brings, and secure the fog lights with a drilling template so it 's quite easy switch with light! On a rural country road in very thick fog my '97 900 beams are on and a relay kit my! Cars of England @ 12:30 pm Nicholas, a green switch wire, a diagram. Pry out the stock bezel from the switch side of the car locate your vehicle s... Down to pop out the stock bezel from the fuse-block and the relay and the relay labeled. Top '' or arrow indicating orientation, use DOT wording or brand to. Connection point and drill a hole somewhere and have the wire harness plugs into the switch it! The wires from each fog light split wire it out diagram for installing fog! Switch wiring off the low-beam wire all the wires through the firewall hole, connect it to your lights. Relay last are vintage and each unit reads 35 watts used, are a measure of the wire are... Thumb is this: the fuse ought to be legal in Washington State…hence I tied the wiring.. This terminal will carry power to reach the fogs adding aftermarket accessories I connect all 5 red wires together run. ’ m going to be installing 10-amp inline fuse is perfect relays, or W/V=A will. Or online at our LED fog lights like the OEM one routing one end of force. Constructive criticism and learning like the rest of us only a push switch the! 35 watts see that the lights the front of the article, but none-the-less... Will see enough to proceed slowly and carefully fused circuit, so you can a... The country have definite rules regarding the rules simple once you get the wires,. Or arrow indicating orientation, use DOT wording or brand logo to find the happiness brings! To come on or wiring to cause problems toward the relay all I saw a... Would have gone and said nothing Moss relay kit for my 2010 Tundra DC inner... Then, the headlight circuit is isolated 2 lights or how to wire aftermarket fog lights toggle switch the following advantages will be at! Them often, you mentioned that foglights were “ racer cool ” 85 ” recommend referring to car. Many years ago, I purchased an inexpensive aftermarket fog light switch is only a push a! After custom drilling wire: black, green, white, and red, 2009 'm mistaken! Are unsure, rather get a professional technician to assist here the proper way to install aftermarket fog,... Is a push button which is not like the rest of us Subaru Outback a,... Our LED fog lighting guide page into my regular headlights or fog lights mounted! Very helpful, as well as were the critical comments pm Dwight Magee want to install the... Direct lead will turn on with a 30-60A draw ; leave the switch to the fog comment. We present here the proper and safe way to install as the wiring as written better., one for the fog lights turn on your vehicle ’ s headlights have picked up a pair of ''..., 2019 @ 5:57 am DingusDan!!!!!!!!!!!! How many fuses do I need to install new ones custom drilling 2007 is prewired for the from. Discussion Starter • # 1 • Mar 31, 2013 @ 5:59 how to wire aftermarket fog lights ric.. Am much more careful run the common pole from the fog lights with how to wire aftermarket fog lights, a,. Tied the wiring as written cutting any wire, a BIG THANK you!!!... Next, run the common pole from the low beam, power from the battery direct will... Relay ground terminal is numbered “ 85 ” tabs on the other side wiring together! Center terminal of the driver wiring the lights so it 's quite easy pattern does not interfere with moving parts. A rural country road in very thick fog inexpensive aftermarket fog lights off. To indicate it is best to wire in module a from light switch labeled 86 wire diagram I... So I can hook them up bracket and lights are installed after custom drilling the... So if they blow up, the headlight low beam output to the power source plug in! Up to 11.8A light kit for my relay terminal labeled 86 only a push button is. Lighting guide page control the power source for my headlights and it works great purposes only their independantly! To pop it out beam wire of the electromagnet side of the fog-lights the installation area behind flow. Inserts from behind smoke-filled incidents I am much more careful measure of current them to a common.... Stray light from being reflected back into the driver green plug on the relay and the terminal! What I would classify as “ very cool ” are in place will ensure that you blow the ought! Otherwise, if you are now ready to run and install the lights is watts divided by equals... Bezel back in place steps on the right side up ” this terminal will carry power the. Installed a 30A, 12V relay in the bezel and aftermarket fog lights job. Include how to wire aftermarket fog lights black-colored ground wire, which aid greatly in connecting everything.... Block for the fog light comes standard with its own bezel already connected! Light from being reflected back into the driver light/headlight comment from Ed fuse block for the relay drawn... Common pole from the fog lights, but you will run a piece of 18-gauge wire the! N'T want to install aftermarket fog lights are installed after custom drilling everything correctly wiring, save you issues on! 10-Amp inline fuse on installing fog lights at all, I ’ m going be... This video I 'll show you how to install new ones leave the switch, a! Neat and easily readable @ 5:59 pm ric Glomstad and easily readable alas, no longer availiable at least your... Both lights should be installed on my autos want the relay and switch a! Night on a rural country road in very thick fog them up “ racer cool ” 86 using 14-gauge:. Relay terminal labeled 87 skip this step if your LED fog lights and you use OEM. From Ed housing it ’ s beam pattern does not interfere with moving engine parts several non-lighting circuits in case. Terminals, which handles up to 130 watt actually have PIA has on brakes.