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REVIEW Skoda Octavia RS 245 2019 Long-term Update #1. User Review on Skoda Octavia RS 245. Use our free online car valuation tool to find out exactly how much your car is worth today. Watch Skoda Octavia RS 245 | The Last Hurrah! The 2021 Honda City Hatchback – coming to Singapore? Hemos probado la variante más cañera de la gama Octavia, el RS 245 y lo hemos hecho probándolo con la carrocería Combi. Detail Review: Rating parameters (out of 5) 5.0. Skoda Australia has revealed pricing and specs for the 2019 Octavia RS, now available exclusively with a dual-clutch transmission and the more powerful 180kW engine tune.. Skoda Octavia vRS 245 review – it’s sensible, silly Every brand within the VW Group has a carefully curated identity. The Skoda Octavia RS 245 has come to India more than three years after its global launch and at a time when we are just a few months away from getting the new-gen iteration of the standard car. 0 - 100km/h in 4.5 seconds (stock) Selling your car? Australia's most comprehensive coverage of what's new in the automotive space. Up to date Google map, voice control texting. Unsurprisingly, it offers a characteristically Skoda take on performance, with shedloads of practicality, proven Volkswagen-derived parts, and unbeatable bang for buck. If you have a cool ride, do drop us an email at sgcarlife@gmail.com 😇, 0:00:43.520,0:01:04.879but wait there’s more, 0:01:04.879,0:01:10.960hey what’s up guys here and today i am, 0:01:06.960,0:01:12.000in the 2020 skoda octavia we are rs 245, 0:01:10.960,0:01:14.240with adrian the owner, 0:01:12.000,0:01:15.200beside me and we have his friend, 0:01:15.200,0:01:19.280benjamin also drives an rs245 right so, 0:01:18.000,0:01:21.280in singapore you can get the, 0:01:19.280,0:01:22.880octavia in three different variants the, 0:01:21.280,0:01:25.600ambition ambition plus and this is the, 0:01:22.880,0:01:28.080highest end variant which is the rs245, 0:01:25.600,0:01:30.479okay so the ambition and ambition plus, 0:01:28.080,0:01:32.640comes with a regular 1.4 liter turbo, 0:01:30.479,0:01:35.360engine about 150 horsepower, 0:01:32.640,0:01:38.640whereas this rs245 comes with a 2 liter, 0:01:35.360,0:01:39.040245 horsepower 370 newton meters of, 0:01:39.040,0:01:42.799it does zero to 100 in 6.6 seconds front, 0:01:42.799,0:01:47.040and has the seven speed uh dsg, 0:01:44.720,0:01:49.360transmission so mechanically this car is, 0:01:47.040,0:01:49.920pretty similar to the volkswagen gti, 0:01:49.920,0:01:53.200yeah but it’s um you know quite i think, 0:01:53.200,0:01:56.479cheaper than the gti uh speaking of uh, 0:01:56.479,0:02:01.840the regular octavia costs about 103k, 0:01:58.719,0:02:04.719whereas this rs245 starts at about 140 k, 0:02:01.840,0:02:06.880so it’s a 37 000 premium for this, 0:02:04.719,0:02:09.119highest end rs245 over the regular, 0:02:06.880,0:02:10.800octavia okay but the good thing is that, 0:02:09.119,0:02:13.280in this rs245 you get, 0:02:10.800,0:02:14.400all the options you get in the ambition, 0:02:14.400,0:02:18.879but you get some extras as well so some, 0:02:17.120,0:02:20.000of the more notable ones are the spot, 0:02:20.000,0:02:24.879black design package rs uh upholstery of, 0:02:22.560,0:02:26.239course because this is an rs245, 0:02:24.879,0:02:28.319power front seats memory seats and, 0:02:26.239,0:02:31.520ambient lighting all right so let’s get, 0:02:28.319,0:02:31.520on straight to the review, 0:02:31.599,0:02:35.200that’s your exhaust, 0:02:38.720,0:02:43.599the surprise will come later all right, 0:02:41.280,0:02:45.920so adrian you know tell us like why did, 0:02:43.599,0:02:47.519you buy this car and why uh skoda, 0:02:47.519,0:02:51.519okay uh well what is my first car was, 0:02:51.519,0:02:56.959volkswagen jetta okay so coming from the, 0:02:54.080,0:03:00.319volkswagen background yeah the 1.4, 0:02:56.959,0:03:03.120jetta it was a single charge but i was, 0:03:00.319,0:03:04.879pretty familiar with how volkswagen, 0:03:03.120,0:03:07.440styles their vehicles and, 0:03:04.879,0:03:08.879such okay and uh skoda being under the, 0:03:08.879,0:03:15.760i’m pretty familiar with how it works, 0:03:12.319,0:03:17.519the good point is the backbone engine, 0:03:15.760,0:03:18.800where to get my car service if i really, 0:03:18.800,0:03:24.959the the familiarity with volkswagen, 0:03:22.319,0:03:26.480which is why i chose the skoda okay plus, 0:03:24.959,0:03:29.760the fact that they were under, 0:03:26.480,0:03:30.159scs now which is uh volkswagen singapore, 0:03:30.159,0:03:33.760understood so uh you know if you don’t, 0:03:32.400,0:03:35.760mind sharing how much do you, 0:03:33.760,0:03:36.879pay for this car okay right when you, 0:03:40.080,0:03:43.599okay that was after all the discounts in, 0:03:43.599,0:03:47.599bujata as well yeah so this was how long, 0:03:47.599,0:03:51.680this was about one year eight months ago, 0:03:51.680,0:03:55.280so how has your ownership experience, 0:03:55.280,0:03:59.920so far pretty good huh lives up to y’all, 0:03:58.159,0:04:00.400expected it lives up to my expectations, 0:04:00.400,0:04:03.920owning a volkswagen you shouldn’t have, 0:04:03.920,0:04:07.280and uh your mods list is actually quite, 0:04:07.280,0:04:11.040maybe you want to share with us like, 0:04:08.720,0:04:11.680what mods you’ve done okay i’ll keep it, 0:04:11.680,0:04:15.760and uh the main mods i did were, 0:04:15.760,0:04:19.680engine reliability mainly the cooling, 0:04:19.680,0:04:27.120intercooler oil cooler a bigger radiator, 0:04:24.240,0:04:28.400yeah so these were my my main mod, 0:04:28.400,0:04:32.800basically what i wanted was a daily, 0:04:32.800,0:04:38.160with minimal down time and some fun in, 0:04:38.160,0:04:41.440i almost ran over a squirrel oh, 0:04:41.440,0:04:44.720okay sorry uh you’re saying yes so, 0:04:44.720,0:04:50.880my mods were focused on uh cooling, 0:04:48.400,0:04:52.400holding mods okay not not so much on, 0:04:50.880,0:04:54.400power i wasn’t going for, 0:04:52.400,0:04:56.880the kind of power that most folks were, 0:04:54.400,0:05:00.160gonna go for stage 2 or 63, 0:04:56.880,0:05:03.520okay so i was focusing on, 0:05:00.160,0:05:05.600reliability and drivability, 0:05:03.520,0:05:06.960understood maybe uh do you mind like, 0:05:05.600,0:05:09.759just sharing some of the more, 0:05:06.960,0:05:10.000prominent mods on this car oh okay the, 0:05:10.000,0:05:15.840prominent mods uh stage one, 0:05:13.120,0:05:16.400definitely just to optimize the engine, 0:05:16.400,0:05:19.680again okay intercooler so right now this, 0:05:18.880,0:05:23.199car is pushing out, 0:05:19.680,0:05:26.560300 i would give it, 0:05:23.199,0:05:30.479uh modest 280 horsepower but, 0:05:26.560,0:05:32.800i think it should be a little more okay, 0:05:30.479,0:05:34.320i mean we went for a dino before i think, 0:05:32.800,0:05:37.919it turned out about 280, 0:05:34.320,0:05:39.84030 okay and then uh yeah sorry here, 0:05:37.919,0:05:42.880telling us about your mods, 0:05:39.840,0:05:46.080the more prominent okay again i was, 0:05:42.880,0:05:49.039pushing more towards drivability and, 0:05:46.080,0:05:49.919handling and cooling cooling being the, 0:05:49.919,0:05:54.160handling being the next so if i had a, 0:05:54.160,0:05:57.950i had to put in order it would be the, 0:06:00.240,0:06:07.840and intake radiator, 0:06:04.840,0:06:08.880intercooler and the rest will be on, 0:06:08.880,0:06:14.960you know robust full-size, 0:06:11.919,0:06:18.040lower control arms links everything, 0:06:14.960,0:06:19.600online suspension okay okay, 0:06:19.600,0:06:23.360yeah tell us like what do you like about, 0:06:23.360,0:06:27.840oh the the first thing that comes to, 0:06:25.120,0:06:29.120mind is uh drivability you will not find, 0:06:27.840,0:06:32.400a kind of handling in, 0:06:29.120,0:06:35.440any other cars even even in stock form, 0:06:32.400,0:06:39.440the handling of a volkswagen bbc, 0:06:35.440,0:06:42.880is a lot pronounced sweeter, 0:06:39.440,0:06:43.500and more fun compared to your regular, 0:06:44.800,0:06:48.800yeah actually i’m just driving around, 0:06:48.800,0:06:54.800like the corners here not going too fast, 0:06:51.840,0:06:55.759yeah quite planted yes and the steering, 0:06:54.800,0:06:59.120is quite light also, 0:06:55.759,0:07:01.360for car that’s so sporty okay one thing, 0:06:59.120,0:07:03.039i did about the suspension is i got it, 0:07:03.039,0:07:06.240so it’s kind of optimized for the way i, 0:07:06.240,0:07:10.880drive it putting the weight where i need, 0:07:10.880,0:07:14.160getting the preload done up yeah, 0:07:14.160,0:07:19.919okay and then what do you dislike, 0:07:20.960,0:07:26.400it’s a volkswagen i mean the regular, 0:07:24.000,0:07:28.319things come out like reliability, 0:07:26.400,0:07:30.160which is what i’m trying to prevent but, 0:07:30.160,0:07:35.280so far no main issues i mean, 0:07:33.199,0:07:38.240there was a thermostat housing but that, 0:07:35.280,0:07:40.319was common among the higher performance, 0:07:38.240,0:07:42.400volkswagen engines so it was to be, 0:07:40.319,0:07:42.960expected yeah the handling is very, 0:07:46.479,0:07:50.960quite a lot of effort to put the, 0:07:50.960,0:07:54.560so the difference is very big is it from, 0:07:54.560,0:07:59.039now it’s you could pretty much drive, 0:07:56.720,0:08:00.960your eyes closed i want to pull it, 0:07:59.039,0:08:02.160yeah very easy to drive and very fun as, 0:08:02.160,0:08:05.280and this steering wheel reminds me of, 0:08:03.360,0:08:07.680the volkswagen yeah the, 0:08:05.280,0:08:08.720the main reasons because i do a lot of, 0:08:07.680,0:08:11.759daily driving which, 0:08:08.720,0:08:13.599explains my very high mileage so i mean, 0:08:11.759,0:08:16.400i needed something to keep me, 0:08:13.599,0:08:18.000focused on the road okay so then i think, 0:08:16.400,0:08:20.000if a car is fun to drive, 0:08:18.000,0:08:21.520you just enjoy yeah that’s true that’s, 0:08:21.520,0:08:24.879so let’s say you know someone is looking, 0:08:24.879,0:08:28.400or volkswagen in general yeah do you, 0:08:26.560,0:08:31.680have any advice for them, 0:08:28.400,0:08:33.120my best advice to new owners coming from, 0:08:33.120,0:08:38.320whatever thoughts you had about that, 0:08:34.479,0:08:38.320japanese car throw it out the window, 0:08:38.640,0:08:44.080well a volkswagen-based vehicle is a, 0:08:41.839,0:08:46.160truly different platform altogether, 0:08:44.080,0:08:47.360i mean whatever you expect of your, 0:08:47.360,0:08:50.880you won’t find it on a volkswagen, 0:08:51.040,0:08:56.800a japanese car is more focused towards, 0:08:54.640,0:08:58.399daily reliability getting you from point, 0:08:58.399,0:09:04.560for a volkswagen based car, 0:09:01.519,0:09:07.040it’s getting you a to b in the most fun, 0:09:07.040,0:09:10.959okay maybe do you mind just sharing a, 0:09:09.040,0:09:12.240bit about some people who are looking to, 0:09:10.959,0:09:13.200get volkswagen right they are, 0:09:12.240,0:09:14.880very concerned about you know, 0:09:13.200,0:09:16.240maintenance and reliability you have, 0:09:16.240,0:09:22.720maintenance wise it isn’t much, 0:09:19.360,0:09:25.839any much different from any japanese car, 0:09:22.720,0:09:28.640i mean i’m most of you guys who, 0:09:25.839,0:09:29.920come from a japanese car here people say, 0:09:29.920,0:09:33.120cost might be more expensive not, 0:09:33.120,0:09:37.200because everything you hear is based on, 0:09:35.120,0:09:39.519somebody’s talk to somebody, 0:09:37.200,0:09:41.200do your own research go around ask, 0:09:39.519,0:09:42.880people who actually own one, 0:09:41.200,0:09:45.360yeah they are very important yeah and, 0:09:42.880,0:09:48.720then you’ll get the true picture of, 0:09:45.360,0:09:50.720owning one okay okay but even do you, 0:09:50.720,0:09:53.920i i also came from a japanese car okay, 0:09:53.920,0:10:00.959it uh actually my car is quite rare it, 0:09:57.040,0:10:03.760uh the mazda cx-7 is the 2.3 turbo, 0:10:00.959,0:10:04.000oh so yeah i think it’s you literally, 0:10:04.000,0:10:07.200see it on the road yeah yeah the one is, 0:10:07.200,0:10:12.720okay about the stock 230 over house oh, 0:10:10.320,0:10:15.760so it’s like the forester of them, 0:10:12.720,0:10:17.680that one i tuned it up to 290. so uh, 0:10:15.760,0:10:18.000yeah but reliability really had a lot of, 0:10:18.000,0:10:22.640so i changed this actually and so far um, 0:10:20.720,0:10:24.000no no no complaints really no complaints, 0:10:22.640,0:10:26.560how long have you enjoyed the car, 0:10:24.000,0:10:27.120very much okay your rs245 has you’ve, 0:10:27.120,0:10:32.800owning it uh you’ve only for quite a, 0:10:28.880,0:10:32.800while so about a year or one year yeah, 0:10:37.519,0:10:41.519very fun car to drive overall it’s very, 0:10:41.519,0:10:46.079okay do you think it’s value for money, 0:10:44.079,0:10:47.440oh definitely yeah, 0:10:46.079,0:10:49.120why are actually selling points right, 0:10:47.440,0:10:50.640yeah so one of the key selling points is, 0:10:49.120,0:10:54.399like the the bang for buck, 0:10:50.640,0:10:57.040everybody is always on it uh and, 0:10:54.399,0:10:57.680i think it won some awards also uh yeah, 0:10:57.680,0:11:02.000yeah i think the you in europe also they, 0:11:01.040,0:11:04.079won some awards in, 0:11:02.000,0:11:05.360korea unfortunately um i think in some, 0:11:04.079,0:11:07.760countries it’s not really, 0:11:05.360,0:11:08.800um well known yet yeah so hopefully like, 0:11:11.839,0:11:14.959i’m still i’m seeing more and more, 0:11:20.800,0:11:25.120yeah and and basically it’s you know, 0:11:25.120,0:11:29.279i think i don’t really think there’s, 0:11:26.640,0:11:32.399much difference except for the batch, 0:11:29.279,0:11:34.000yeah yeah some trivia wise there are, 0:11:32.399,0:11:35.200actually some seed models made in the, 0:11:35.200,0:11:41.600oh okay one of them is the ethica repeat, 0:11:38.800,0:11:42.160yeah okay sorry yeah okay so can you, 0:11:42.160,0:11:45.680you know plug and play parts from, 0:11:45.680,0:11:49.200okay not an issue as long as it’s a, 0:11:49.200,0:11:55.600it’ll fit somewhere all right, 0:11:52.320,0:11:58.720if i want to round out this car it’s, 0:11:58.720,0:12:05.360four doors and a very huge boot, 0:12:02.160,0:12:08.480practically uh practicality and power, 0:12:05.360,0:12:11.040so this is like the sort of the m3, 0:12:17.440,0:12:20.480yeah okay okay do you guys have anything, 0:12:19.600,0:12:23.440else you want to share, 0:12:20.480,0:12:26.720you guys or anything about you know, 0:12:23.440,0:12:26.720skoda or volkswagen, 0:12:26.800,0:12:31.600not really not not really i mean just, 0:12:29.600,0:12:33.360buy with confidence uh, 0:12:31.600,0:12:35.200yeah if you’re not so particular on the, 0:12:33.360,0:12:36.800bachelor to be to be honest yeah, 0:12:35.200,0:12:38.800it’s not a brand thing it came from, 0:12:36.800,0:12:40.160volkswagen that’s true that’s true, 0:12:38.800,0:12:42.000but i mean if you are getting more or, 0:12:40.160,0:12:43.600less the same car at a cheaper price why, 0:12:43.600,0:12:47.040okay all right that’s about it for this, 0:12:45.680,0:12:48.399review guys thank you so much for, 0:12:47.040,0:12:52.959watching hope you enjoyed it and i’ll, 0:12:48.399,0:12:52.959see you guys in the next video, by Carlife Singapore | Nov 30, 2020 | New Cars, News.