CARB looks to minimize harmful ingredients present specifically in consumer products. The threshold limit is that of Ethane at 0.28. As you would expect, the regulations regarding VOC compliance are vast, complex, and include a fair amount of gray area. Under the Reducing Air Pollution program – ARB Programs, CARB publishes an extensive network of links for the regulations in various industrial applications and air quality management districts. 4.4 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Literature. Contractors will especially appreciate that these products are completely solvent-based and evaporate without leaving … Volatile organic compound s (VOCs) are substances that are a key reactant in the formation of atmospheric smog and ozone. With this VOC Compliant Chart & Map, Rust-Oleum not only simplifies the confusing laws, we also provide trusted products that meet even the lowest VOC of <100 g/l. Please review their regulations together with CARB regulations. The good news is that there are many oil-based and water-based floor finishes on the market that have low amounts of VOCs, such as: European Finishes like WOCA Oil, Rubio Monocoat, and Bona Craft Oil 2K. VOC Compliant Industrial Coatings Endura’s complete line of VOC compliant paint products are formulated to meet or exceed the Canadian automotive refinishing guidelines for VOC levels in primers, color coats and clear coats. Is Xylol the same as Xylene? The VOC content is less than 400 grams per liter and it can be sold in states that have adopted the California OTC standards. Is there a VOC compliant product for degreasing bicycle parts now that mineral spirits is not available in California? The table in this link compares the VOC content limits for the EPA, CARB and each AQMD in California for Architectural Coatings. Products containing VOCs above the threshold may not be sold in California. The table in this link compares the VOC content limits for the EPA, CARB and each AQMD in California for Architectural Coatings.   Not every jurisdiction publishes a limit for each type of coating.  Where the limits can be compared among jurisdictions, it is significant that SCAQMD’s are the most strict (and often substantially so), followed by CARB and then by the EPA.  The 34 AQMDs other than SCAQMD have limits equal to or between the limits for EPA and SCAQMD. Even products that are not sprays are subject to VOC limits according to the California regulations. Here are VOC limits for some common products. It’s important for you, as a contractor, to know about these standards so you can educate your clients, and be prepared when your clients bring up it up. What are CARB Compliance, VOCs, and FloorScore?
Table of VOC Limits (Excel) There is sometimes confusion over the terms "VOC regulatory" and "VOC actual" as used by CARB. (For industrial applications, CARB defers to the air quality management districts under the Reducing Air Pollution – ARB Program described below.) As of October, 2014, CARB has prioritized Thermal Spraying for special attention. The rest of the country and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) usually follow California's lead on Environmental Legislation. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Air Quality Management District (AQMD) lead the way for regulating the reduction of VOC's in daily life. Here is a list of states that have VOC Laws on the books. CARB maintains a list of MIR values for thousands of chemical compounds which is available at this link. Where no local or regional air pollution control or quality management district rules are applicable, use the VOC limits in t his table.
Consumer Product Rule:The State’s Air Resource Board (CARB) initially adopted the State’s Consumer Product rule with a compliant date of January 1, 1995. Dozens of cases each month are pursued.  Most are settled through negotiation rather than litigation.  A complete listing of enforcement actions is published on the CARB website. This is something that many people don’t realize. These regulations reduce the amount of Volatile Organic Content (VOC) emitted from architectural and industrial maintenance (AIM) coatings. This product works the same as the regular MasonrySaver Solvent Base with the following exceptions: it dries faster, it’s only available in 1 gallon containers and it has a slightly different smell. VOC Content Limits. Penalties collected in 2009 totaled $16.3 million, up from $11.3 million collected in 2002.  See  pg 7.