Play offline and in fullscreen for only $2. This little platform is a dead end. Start from the gem activated portal. Really, I've been watching for it on the front page. :D, start at the glowing tree then go left till you reach the Karma portal and search the floating rocks till you find a click-able spot that isn't the Karma portal. You have to find the solution to the puzzle in as few moves as you can! This is a map of the gardens, with a blue "you are here" dot showing your position. Fourth Token: is in the Winter Palace, in the atrium/observatories. But when I click the arrow it does not stay. Puzzles are found throughout the game. There is also a note stuck on one of the broken columns. It's the best game in this series! On the ground, to the left of the column, is a long steel tube, pick it up. Since 2003, we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. At a loss right at the moment. Go right and through the door. Go right from the gateway (not through the gateway). Put the transmitter into the round source thing outside on the wall? Notice that the upper left path, which was a dead end, now has a ladder. This is the circle stone key clue. Go right, up, left, through the door, and right twice. Submachine 7: The Core is finally here... and it's waiting for you to unlock its secrets. I just hope he's going to let us turn the tables on his self-insert character at some point, what with all the constant taunting from him. Submachine. Once again there is a "you are here" dot, showing you in your new position. On the ground in front of the far right column is a valve, take it. If the knob stays to the right after you turn it, you got the combination correct and you will hear some machinery rattling. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER!!!! Go down, then left. Take the paper on the ground. I liked. This is the entrance to a large atrium with several observatories. Go down the ladder. I couldn't find it either, but the light bulb. Click on it. The capsule has come down the cables and is waiting. This appears to be a crossroads. You are now at the Winter Palace gardens. Please let me know if anyone finds the other two. Hover your cursor over the large crack to the left of the back portal and click for a close up. 3/5 secrets too. Instead of clicking on the portal, go right to the fancy chair where you pulled the lever. Is it only me who's annoyed by the fact that 1-1 cm of the roughly 10 cm wide screen is allocated for scrolling (that's 20 percent of the screen...) - and to top that, the scorlling cursor is the same as the operation cursor? Back up and go right three times to the entrance of the Winter Palace. It's eerie and cavernous and suits the mood of the games so well. More planters here, these ones are overgrown with the glowing blue plants. Oh and the three lights - are - green. If you got a sound "like a wreck" and the switch remains turned to the right, then you got it right. Go left nine times until you are outside the Winter Palace. Enter the symbols in order and then flip the knob on the right of the machine. A hint about the two plaques near the Winter Palace that begin "WE THE KING". OK, I've come up against a glitch that seems to differ with the video walkthrough that's linked to at the bottom of the game. Shop Now! You need to find three stone keys to place in three of the holes, and 4 notes describing which holes to put them in. Part 23: Submachine 9: The Temple Part 23 Submachine 9: The Temple Click here to play the game yourself. You can't go any further right from here, but there is a ladder going down. Next to the gate is another of those maps showing your location. The game in which with every puzzle solved, every chapter finished you fall deeper and deeper into mystery. It's perfect to the theme of the games. Once you've placed the key stones place the valve in the hole in the center of the pedestal. Also, I remember now that I forgot to play the Sandbox themed one... gotta go back to that. This is maybe the most beautiful game from Mateusz yet. There's gonna be a Submachine 8 : The Plan. It shows where to place the key stones. On the wall above the door is a massive crack. Go left 6 times. There are no rooms here, just this chamber. Submachine 7: The Core Walkthrough.