The following are prevalent insurance companies that you’ll find there: Sanitas Health Insurance in Spain; Adeslas Insurance; Asisa Insurance; Expatriate Healthcare; AXA PPP International Healthcare The Sanitas Premium 500 is a mixed policy designed for those that need the best cover in Spain plus the ability to choose where to receive treatment abroad. In this case, we recommend you work with a professional insurance broker. Out-patient plans include fees in normal “Centros de Salud” or the Spanish Health centers. We focus only on meeting the needs of foreign residents working in Spain that require private health insurance. The Integral Elite Policy (Meets residency or visa requirements for Spain) Insurance is our best seller and recommended for Visa or Residency applications in Spain. Private Medical Insurance in Spain will give you access to some of the best private hospitals and private Doctors in Spain, those that speak your language, and also get you treated quickly. Sanitas has plans that start from €15 a month, they have special private hospitals with bilingual staff. With public health care you are covered for treatments by doctors and hospitals, as well as 40% of the bill for prescriptions. MAPFRE is the largest insurance carrier in Spain. The Best Private Healthcare in Spain. Sanitas is the Spanish brand name of the Bupa Group, which is headquartered in the UK but operates in a number of countries. The fundamental components of a private healthcare plan usually include primary care services, specialists, surgery, preventative medicines, and hospitalisation should it be required. Choosing the right private health insurance remains one of the most important decisions that you will make as you and your family start a new life in Spain. It is imperative that you use a broker who knows all the pitfalls and small print in each policy. It is based in Madrid and offers rates slightly lower than Sanitas. The site belongs to the official Sanitas agent #20872 based in Torremolinos (Málaga). Are you looking for the best property for you, without the hassle ? With their vast experience and German quality service they are a great option for internationals moving to Spain. Required fields are marked *. We work to make a healthier world aimed at sustainable development. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thus if you have your own company, are a freelancer or you are contributing to social security through your employer, you are eligible. What are the best private Spanish health insurance carriers? Health Insurance Plans for Spanish Residency. You just need to bring your TIE, proof of social security number and a copy of your empadronamiento to your local health clinic and you will be issued your card. Abbeygate Contact Details: Telephone: +34 902 877 728. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sanitas is the Spanish brand name of the Bupa Group, which is headquartered in the UK but operates in a number of countries. State care is free of charge to anybody living and working in Spain; you need to have a Social Security number. First, we strongly recommend you get a comprehensive plan that includes both in-patient and out-patient benefits. Our Private Health Insurance Solution is perfect if you are going to live in Spain for a year or more and gives you the highest standard health insurance for affordable price starting from the first day. You can compare private health insurance providers in Spain and get free health insurance quotes. Health Insurance Spain. Moving2Madrid @ Regus Plaza de España : calle Leganitos, 47 - 7th floor - Office 704 - Madrid (28013). Given that most people relocating to Spain will need some form of medical insurance in order to live here, we receive a lot of enquiries from individuals who require it as a condition for residency or a TIE. Health insurance in Spain for individuals and families. Private Health Insurance Spain; Private health insurance in Spain costs; Medical Insurance SpainFor Non Lucrative Visa Application or other resident visa applications in Spain (US Citizens or non-EU Citizens) REQUIREMENT – You need private Spanish Medical Insurance Coverage! If you are a European Union citizen, and will not be an employee or self-employed under the Spanish law, you are not eligible for public health insurance in Spain. All employees and self-employed workers in Spain must pay income taxand this money is used to finance the healthcare system. Approximately 90% of Spaniards use the public healthcare system and about 19% carry some kind of private health insurance. We are the Premier Agency specializing in affordable medical & health insurance coverage for expats living in Spain. We are also experts in finding medical plans for residency in Spain. If you want to come work or have a ho… We offer the best solutions for your health insurance in Spain Spain’s National Health System is regarded as one of the best in the world, with both public and private facilities providing a high standard of care. Asia Insurance is one of the largest private health insurers in Spain. You can always get travel insurance when you travel to your home country to visit family and friends for a few days, or even weeks. The complete health insurance policies provided by companies operating in Spain normally cover the repatriation and return of remains to the country of residency, that is, to Spain, but if you need a policy that provides coverage to the country of origin, you may need to buy a supplementary insurance policy covering only this specific requirement. Health Insurance Spain Investing in private health insurance is often a great idea for expats living in Spain. If you are not from the EU and have an EU residence permit, you might be eligible for public health insurance in Spain. Posted on 3 October, 2019 by Pierre-Alban Waters in Living in Madrid, New? This guide will break down everything for you, so that you will have the confidence it takes to get health insurance in Spain. We will find you the best property in the market, on time and for the best value. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to obtain your health insurance card. If you have special needs or prior conditions, you might want to shop around a bit. Time to show you our Research on private medical insurance Your email address will not be published. And in the last years we have worked with plenty of expats coming to Spain which in the end have helped us to crystallize an unique Private Health Insurance Solution that many will find to be significantly better than offering of our competition. Generally private health insurance in Spain is cheaper than comparable plans in the Uk but your choices of hospitals and doctors are more limited. Our private medical insurnace offers direct access to some of the best doctors and hospitals in Spain, accompanied by premium levels of customer service. We are insurance experts with more than 40 years of experience in field teamed up with local relocation professionals. Health Plan Spain offer you a wide range of private health insurance policies in English catering for expats living and working in Spain. In fact, it is one of the best in the world. Health. Access to the best insurance coverage in the market and quality services by the agency of brokerage. The Spanish healthcare system is one of the best in the world and is free for all the residents in Spain. European travelers on a temporary stay may even get it for free sometimes. Please click on below companies for a no obligation quote. Private Healthcare Insurance in Spain. If you are going to travel a lot, return often to your home country, or might move to a new country in the foreseeable future, then we recommend you get international health insurance. Are you looking for top quality medical care in Spain? MAPFRE is the largest insurance carrier in Spain. In fact, some of the nation’s hospitals (hospitales) and health centres (centros de salud) offer both private (privado) and public (asistencia sanitaria pública) services. Read this article to learn who provides phone, TV and fibre optic in Madrid and […], Read this article to learn the best bank for expats in Madrid and to get […], Read this article to discover Moving2Madrid Founder Pierre’s method to learn Spanish in six months. How much does private insurance cost? The market leaders in Spain, in terms of quality and size of private infrastructures, are Sanitas and MAPFRE. In addition to this, you can also use the following tools: (in Spanish) and (in Spanish). Sanitas is the largest private health insurer in Spain. The market leaders in Spain, in terms of quality and size of private infrastructures, are Sanitas and MAPFRE. We provide personal property search for expats. Getting over the brick wall of choosing health insurance. National health care is decentralised in Spain - it is the responsibility of the local authority in each region - and therefore health services can vary dependent on region. The healthcare system is funded through security payments. Although both are excellent, waiting times are less if you have private health insurance. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) gives European travelers access to SNS healthcare in the country at a reduced cost. It's basic plan costs from €24.20 euros per month and gives unrestricted direct access to specialists, hospitalisation, emergency services and ambulance transfers, maternity care, ambulance transfer and transplants. Who are we, you ask? Read this article to learn if you are eligible for public health insurance in Spain, and how to choose the best private health insurance in Spain. That depends on your geographical area, age, and medical health. That was the period after which the public and free health care services became inaccessible for many individuals. DKV: Private Medical Health Insurance Voted as the best private health insurance in Spain, DKV policy also widely known as the fourth largest health insurer in Spain. We are #1 rated property service in Madrid. Customer experience management, communication, languages, automation of processes and agile administration. Moving2Madrid clients have worked with Olivier, an insurance broker with strong ethics and specialist focus. Spain’s National Health System is thought to be one of the best within the world, with both public and private facilities providing a high degree of care. Frustrated at not finding your ideal property in a timely fashion? But once you understand how Spain’s healthcare system works, you will be able to buy the right private health insurance or enroll in the social healthcare system with ease. It is noticeably faster to have private health insurance for minor things like making appointments to see a dermatologist. Expat Health Insurance in Spain The benefits of our experience in serving the expat community together with the best doctors, best technology and personal service in your language are available whenever you need them. Yes. For example, if you are a woman aged 40, your insurance will be 44€ per month with a copay, and 59€ per month without a copay. State healthcare is free of charge to anybody living and working in Spain; you must have a social security number. You can email him at: We are insurance experts with more than 40 years of experience in field teamed up with local relocation professionals. The contributions they make entitle them to public healthcare. We have helped more than 850 clients over the years, exceeding expectations with reviews averaging 9/10, and for investors, doubling market average return. Our health insurance in Spain includes an english spoken contact person for our clients. Bloomberg recently ranked the Spanish healthcare system the most efficient healthcare system in Europe. In-patient plans include all hospital-related costs. Healthcare Insurance Spain offers first class service with a 24 hour response guaranteed! We work with the best insurance companies and policies in Spain Below are the companies that we recommend when looking at the Spanish Health Insurance Market. Other known Private Health Insurance Companies in Spain are: DKV is a German based, international insurance group that has been offering health insurance packages globally for nearly 80 years. Like the National Health System in the UK, they are all under pressure for one reason or another from lack of money, doctors and space. Expats should register on … In fact, because it’s so cheap, many expats elect to purchase private health insurance to supplement their public health insurance. Because you are important to us, your Health Insurance for Spanish Residency will cover the most important aspects of your life as a result of the best medical panel … We believe we can answer this question with strong confidence. They offer many plans that are cater particularly to foreigners living in Spain. The possibility of seeing your own GP or selecting a new doctor from an extensive list of specialists. Health care in Spain consists of both public and private facilities. Also, it has been voted as one of the top health insurance companies to deal with by the national associations of brokers on several occasions. Best Value Health Insurance plans in Spain. Spain’s national health care system (el Sistema Nacional de Salud) is funded by social security (income tax) co… GIDEA - Wellbeing services for residents in Spain. There are pros and cons for each company and therefore we recommend you contact us with you personal situation so as we can analyze what best will suite you. Once you’ve decided to stay in Spain for the long term, it’s best to either register for SNS coverage or secure private insurance. Sanitas has the best health insurance options for expats or international residents that are retired, working or studying in Spain. After 2013, the year in which the law that regulates the Spanish Health Care System was modified, things changed. Another reason that makes us, as a company offering health insurance policies, we are positioned among the highest rankings of insurers in Spain, and have the support of one of the most reputable international insurance groups, Munich Re. The Role of Private and Public Health Insurance in Spain. Designed for individuals who value expertise, freedom and quality. We have specialised in providing private health cover for over 25 years in Spain, so can guide you through the process. State health insurance in Spain also covers spouses and children who reside in the country. Founded in 1954, Sanitas is the oldest health insurance company in Spain. Each month we assist many customers in every Spanish Province towards obtaing residency or visa approval. Do you need private health insurance in Spain in order to get residency? We search all sources, leverage our network, negotiate the best price and handle all the process for you. HSBC compiles league tables of the best countries for expats. Nearly 99% of the Spanish population has some form of health insurance. […], Your email address will not be published. In 2019 it ranked Spain fourth and ranked it number one in the category of “Physical and mental wellbeing.”, Spain has some of the best healthcare in the world, whether you choose public or private. Start Here. They are partners with BUPA, the UK's leading health insurance company, so BUPA clients can transfer easily to Sanitas and vice versa. Second, you need to decide if you need to get specific expat international health insurance or if private Spanish health insurance will suffice. Essentially, if you are contributing to Spanish social security every month, you are eligible. Abbeygate are an insurance brokers providing various types of insurance for expatriates in Spain including motor insurance, car insurance, home insurance from 72 Euros a year, house insurance, van insurance, marine insurance, health insurance, commercial insurance and travel insurance. Private family insurance packages are available but you’ll need to ask for the additional coverage and be prepared to pay extra. This number has grown by 5% in the past 5 years. Mention this blog post and you will receive “white glove” treatment. If you are going to live most of the year in Spain, and speak some Spanish, we recommend private Spanish health insurance. Invest in your health with ASSSA Enjoy the peace of mind offered by our exclusive guarantees and our unique expat service: […] Some of the largest private health insurance companies in Spain include: Allianz Care; Cigna Global; Globality Health 25 March, 2019; ... Access to a network of specialists in order to receive a quick diagnosis and the best treatment available. A major Spanish private health care provider is Sanitas who are part of BUPA. In fact, it is excellent.