Alan – 83686678
Ael – 91079181
195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-33 Singapore 168976


Ael (owner/tattoo artist)

195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-10 Singapore 168976

For people who are making their way to look for me please be informed that my studio location is not in a shopping complex ( not people’s park complex or people’s park centre or pearl’s centre or pearl bank ) rather it is in a very remote part of chinatown, the building that i’m in.. it used to be the old police headquaters building ( some old taxi drivers may know )..

if you are driving in, you would need to reach pearl’s centre back taxi stand and turn up a slope before a traffic light on your right (***please remember to wait for the green light, there are still cars coming down altho the waiting time can be quite long) … after you have reached the top you will then see a split road going left 201 and straight ahead is 195 pearl’s hill terrace (the place i am in). Drive in towards 195 pearls hill terrace you will see a gantry (manual cash card no sensor) then a car park where you can park your car.

If you are travelling by MRT you should alight at Chinatown MRT Exit C, cut through the hawker food centre right after you emerge from the escalator… while you are at the hawker food centre keep to the extreme left exit of the building, then you will see a flight of stairs up a small hill. Climb the stairs and you will see the building i’m in, walk in the main entrance and turn right and walk in til find the unit number #01-10 on your right.

If you are arriving by taxi,  just tell the taxi driver 195 pearls hill terrace where you will need to go behind pearl’s centre taxi stand then going up a slope.. its the ex police headquarters building.. never tell the taxi driver you are heading to a tattoo shop, they will not know there is a tattoo shop here and will most likely drop you off at pearl’s centre or people’s park complex to make their jobs easier.

mobile : +65 91079181


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