magical space.

The Secret World is born between a poet and a word,

A space of mystical, enigmatic air

creates unusual particles.

What escapes into reality from a sacred space in time?

Mystery or the eternal seeking gravity.

I slipped from your secret world like a lucid dream

Strange new obscure.

Did I listen through the sacred water?

Forming in her yet he was the origin…

the pieces of each kept disappearing into me.

Through the muted love I heard..

Whispers at night

Day-time dreams

I could feel the rhythm of the music that was silently encircling you both

I desired you as much as you desired me

a fusion of love, secrets and eons

pour into one limited space.

The Invisible manifests

And endless cycle

Of eternal desiring





A Mystery remains between eternity and time-

Even when one lover moves on

Gravity is a bias child

Craving that secret world so

tired shadows become the vacuum

the two move

hunting for pieces of each other until they meet

In the Secret World again…