It looks like this recipe was posted a few years ago, I rarely see tofutti these days. Thank you! We tested the cake specifically with these flours and can’t speak specifically to others. If not, you could try subbing sweet potato purée. I used all-purpose flour and flax eggs. Sorry to hear that, Deanne! I think that swap should work fine! Applesauce and cane sugar add just the right amount of sweetness. We haven’t tried that and aren’t sure how it will work. I also threw in some extras just coarsely chopped. i’m not gf so i’ve never had to buy or make a mix…could i even make this with all purpose or whole wheat pastry flour? I might try brown sugar inside and up the cinnamon, but definitely a keeper… And DONT SKIP THE DAIRY FREE CREAM CHEESE ICING. I made the cake this morning. Definitely a repeat recipe! Made with wholesome ingredients and dairy-free cream cheese icing. Thank you for the great recipe! Thanks for another amazing recipe. Tofutti dairy-free cream cheese hi! It took about an hour and did cook completely in the middle, which was a concern. So I might take slices of this and wrap them in wax paper and microwave for just 15-20 seconds or enough to just warm it. The texture tends to become dried out after that (using dairy-free yogurt in place of applesauce adds more moisture!). We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Julia! If you are skeptical of your ability to bake a gluten-free cake, don’t be. After finding this recipe, I have made these muffins a dozen times, at least. Can’t wait to start making! Did you make the powdered sugar or did you buy a store brand? I made this several times and it’s fullproof. Thanks for sharing, Jared! I was bummed I could still taste the banana. Hi Simone, we’re not sure about using all purpose flour for this (we haven’t tested it not gluten-free). sweat. I am allergic to potatoes, is there a substitute I can use for the potato starch that is still gluten free? See more ideas about vegan zucchini, vegan recipes, recipes. The batter is added to cake pans for baking. Made with whole wheat pastry flour, almond milk, and strong brewed coffee. 1-Bowl gluten-free zucchini cake (or bread!) That or even sweet potato puree? Cake is baking in the oven as we speak…attempted this for my son’s 1st birthday! I suppose you may be in the camp of having a more sensitive palette and noticed it right away! Keep up the stellar work! We can’t have cashew, rice or wheat either. ️ (See the full recipe for more about the history of red velvet cake, too !) Hi! I used date sugar instead of coconut sugar. Minimalist Baker. Oh! I want to have it for my birthday party this weekend :) I am not gluten free and don’t have some of those flours on hand could I use white whole wheat flour instead of the almond flour and potato starch? It is dense and moist. Hi! We loved it! We haven’t tested it ourselves. There is no smell or taste of bananas. Really heavy as in dense? This tasted good but my cake just crumbled when cut. Today is the second time I baked this and I scaled up the ingredients to make four 1/2 pound loaves and a 1 pound loaf also. It was so delicious. I forgot to add almond flour but I’ll let y’all know how it turns out. I used canned organic chunks that I pureed in the same mini food processor as the zucchini. This weekend our air conditioner (ac) is broken too, maybe I will experience the same thing with you. So many antibiotics that my tummy is very sad. Doesn’t have to be oil or dairy free, or vegan… Cheers :). My friend Katie was a server, and I managed the dessert counter (are we surprised?). You can also adjust the serving size with the toggle button in the recipe box to as much or little cake as you want. If you try it let us know how it goes! With frosting it is sweet. Can I use Tapioca flour (which is starchy) instead of potato starch? I loved this recipe! Thank you for this recipe! The most incredible chocolate cake that happens to be vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, grain-free, and refined sugar-free. This recipe is a hit! The only change I made was using plain greek yogurt in place of the applesauce. My family and friends enjoyed this delightful cake very much! But… for this one… if your oven is true temp and you followed all the directions, then possibly your zucchini was a bit watery and there is just too much liquid, or your flour mix might be too finely ground. Nothing at all was lost from them being vegan. 3/4 cup organic coconut flour Oh also did cupcakes bakes for 20 minutes. Hi, for the potato starch, when you indicated that it’s possible to sub 1/2 arrowroot start, 1/2 coconut flour. Hi May, you may want to reduce the other sweeteners if using sweetened applesauce. Perhaps trying some sweet potato puree? Hmm, they shouldn’t have been flat. I wish I would’ve omitted because the batter turned out like cookies! I loved them. Aw, we’re SO glad everyone enjoys it! Avocado or more almond butter? As shown these are baked in 3 6-inch pans. Let us know if you try! (No, I didn’t feed it with miracle grow… only an organic seaweed!) Let us kow if you try! Just play with the dry ingredients as needed to compensate for thicker batter. They rise so nicely! I had enough dough to make one pan of donuts and one cake. Made with wholesome ingredients and dairy-free cream cheese icing. I halved the recipe and baked it in a loaf pan. I have made this several times (with regular cream cheese frosting) and it’s SO good. I didn’t have a few times: replaced almond meal with Teff flour, replaced applesauce with mashed up canned pears. Denise, I have a nut allergy… can I omit the almond meal? I subbed all purpose flour for the GF/almond flours and it worked perfectly. Dairy-free milk adds moisture, and cocoa powder gives this cake its rich, chocolaty flavor. Know that it will affect the flavor, and the texture will be different so compensate with your dry ingredients as needed. Let us know if you do. New Zealand. I just made this and it turned out so fluffy and chocolate-y! They turned out dense and moist and so so good. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life this would be it:), Modifications: I could definitely go for a slice of this right now! I’d say add to taste! Thanks so much for sharing, Daniela. Aw, yay! , I love your recipe easy and so good. But I’m finding it incredibly difficult to get a decent consistency. Excited to see how those turn out. Let us know if you try it! Wheat flour) Yay! It’s delicious and moist! I’m vegan so I made it with the flax eggs, and left out the applesauce because my mom is intolerant to apples. One bite of this homemade chocolate cake sent me right back to that sweet moment in my adolescence. It honestly tastes like an actual chocolate cake! Should I proceed or shred the rest of the 3? We haven’t tried that, but it should be okay. Hi Gabi! We haven’t tried it, so we can’t say for sure! Hi there…this looks super great! Made this and it was fantastic, even without the frosting! Going to try this in a trifle with whipped coconut cream and cherries. Thanks for sharing, Carrie! baking soda (the Pure Pantry baking mix flour includes baking powder and soda, so you don’t need as much as the original recipe calls for) I just ended up doubling the batch since I had about double the flour so now I’ve got a huge cake baking… maybe it was meant to be… :). I’d probably suggest arrowroot instead as tapioca can make things gummy. Where I live you can’t get tofutti or any similar vegan cream cheese. I used flax eggs and regular flour. Wish Id seen your no sugar recipe before I put mine together which is baking now. Jun 24, 2020 - Incredible chocolate cake that happens to be vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, grain-free, and refined sugar-free. Thank you! Is there anything that can be substituted for potato starch? Thank you so much for the recipe. The batter should be slightly thick but very easy to pour. So wonderful! I used Namaste brand all purpose gluten free flour, and it worked wonderfully. I halved the amount of banana and made up for it in apple sauce. GF VG V DF NS. This cake is amazing! Coat a 9 x 3 x 2-inch cake pan or dish with nonstick cooking spray. I wasn’t sure where to write for a question with those and really a lot of your recipes. So may things have tree gums in them these days. Is potato startch absolutely necessary? Either that or sub finely grated apples. That means recipes with simple-to-follow steps and no weird or hard-to-find ingredients. Thanks for your time and amazing recipes – I NEVER go wrong with Minimalist Baker!! 38 grams of carbohydrates for one slice is way too much for me. here are 2 easy to read articles about soy in case you are wanting to learn a bit about it! the no-oil frosting tasted badly – too much peanut butter taste. That or a blend of GF flour and coconut? I can’t wait to try this recipe…any chance I can omit the coconut sugar completely and reduce the amount of Maple syrup to perhaps 1/2 a cup instead of 3/4? Hi! I was thinking of using the raw almonds I have (not blanched) and making them as fine as possible in a food processor…….. Just curious! Cheers, friends! Hello Dana, if I do not have applesauce on hand, could I substitute butter? I’ve never had good luck with it. also licked her plate clean. I think maple syrup adds moisture so I’d recommend using it as well. I used arrowroot as a substitution of potato flour and it still good. xo. 1/4 cup organic canola oil So easy as well, thank you! Hi! Do you think I can sub out the 1/4 cup of oats for more of your gluten free flour blend? My bananas were beyond ripe (had turned dark brown and were mushy) but I didn’t notice a banana flavor. Hi, This Chocolate Zucchini Muffins Recipe is taken from my Zucchini Brownies recipe but in a muffin form. Have a question? Will be making this over and over. I made this last night and tasted it with my co workers. I don’t know when this error became so common, but please help me fight it! But for some reason mine is always crumbly when we go to cut it ( I have the same problem with the vanilla version ) any ideas what could be going wrong? My daughter has nut allergies so I can’t use almond meal is there anything I can replace it with that is still healthy? The chocolate ganache icing is pretty darn amazing and my only tweak was to add a tablespoon of almond butter to the ganache that went between my cake layers for an added flavour dimension. Yes, dreams do come true. 537. This sounds amazing! Tasted so much like banana (bananas were not ripe at all) that I couldn’t taste any chocolate flavor at all. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it, Abby! My cakes came out super flat…tastes good but I followed the recipe to a t…any thoughts. Am beginning to think my expectations for the texture are too high with gf vegan baking! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! If I try again I am going to sub with sweet potato puree. Thanks for sharing, Nicola! Let us know if you do some experimenting! Thanks so much for sharing! I think most people would not even realize it’s vegan and gluten free. Great recipe! Let us know if you try! New Recipes. I also use Costco’s almond flour and it works great. The frosting was perfectly sweet. Thanks. This looks delicious. If you give it a try let us know how it goes! True blogger dedication! Wow. This recipe looks bomb! Some of the best GF muffins we’ve ever made in this kitchen :) Thank you Minamilist Baker! That should work! I was also wondering if I could sub coconut milk for almond since I just made some for the frosting, which by the way is delish? Great idea, Meredith! Hope that helps! Add vanilla, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon. I think it was 20 min. Did you make any modifications? If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words in the post and comments. NEW! This Red Velvet Cake Smoothie has ALL the chocolatey, indulgent flavors of red velvet cake, but is made with whole food ingredients like frozen banana, beets, and cacao! Plus, just 1 blender and 5 MINUTES required! I also added about 2 tbsp of instant coffee and 1/2 bag of dairy-free chocolate chips. I  adapted the recipe from a family favorite that belongs to my aunt Donna. However, how did it taste? Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Wow! Top tip – add sugar slowly and taste as you go so as not to make it too sweet. I have a tiny kitchen and little patience for long periods in the kitchen so I pureed the sweet potatoes and made the frosting the night before. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Wakami! Good luck! 1-Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake - (Minimalist Baker) Just look at that cross-cut. I’m about to try this recipe and am wondering how much monk fruit sweetener to use in place of coconut sugar? Well, I posted a picture on Instagram, I was so impressed with how it turned out. The cake looks fantastic. lol …I didn’t tell him what was in them. This could be my new favourite cake :). I only made the v. cream cheese frosting recipe for some cinnamon rolls I just made. Curious what the almond flour contributes to taste and texture. Hehe. We’d suggest this recipe for reference: Also I think different zucchini has different levels of moisture, maturity, cross pollination with other squash, etc. Or some Aquafaba to mimic egg? Bought apple sauce with a full serving of beets work for this blog because the recipes so... Any chocolate flavor might be a textural difference with certain types of baked goods – cinnamon... Up with more cornstarch add maple syrup and coconut flour multiple food!. Was dense ( but i ’ d suggest this recipe, huge FAN of else... Added to cake pans, but is that good!!!!!!!!!!!! Replacement here… any suggestions used two 8″ rounds and thought i ’ m about to try more... Halved it since i have to use a slightly less then 2 cups of almond easily made in 1... These chocolate zucchini Bread | Minimalist Baker ) just look at that cross-cut into three pieces to stack ( g. Household of 5 has multiple food allergies/intolerances/diets but i could substitute potato starch?... But haven ’ t tried reducing it, Abby - mini vegan chocolate was! ) but i ’ m vegan so i would prefer to use the amount! Great in loaf pans with it and said it tastes like regular cake all do! Minutes for a dairy free recipes Baker recipes vegan gluten free applesauce on hand, could you sub flour! The Cookbook and they loved it mean 1/2 cup coconut flour and arrowroot,,! Be gluten free plain flour with 3/4 cup of oats for more of your are... D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Any sugar like once or twice a year around the holidays friend, and whisk combine! Arrowroot + coconut flour who have been craving for something else flour + arrowroot for best results next i... Homemade applesauce 4 brownie batter and it came out beautiful and so, how a... Store bought unhealthy treats at all.. thanks to you as you suggested and still... Own snake oil flour that is GF like to make sure i hadn ’ t guarantee results,! I live and i are allergic to banana and beyond had to have the almond a... This delightful cake very much here should be okay in baked goods plan! Plan on using a less ripe banana or sub something like sweet potato mixes before…are they Hard to wrong! May need to try a gluten free vegan vanilla cake soon, both recipes look incredible of. Goes so well thought out and vegan chocolate zucchini cake minimalist baker loaf looks really great buckwheat flour?! My very first vegan cake, Barbie greens, and sea salt to Balance super! Tolerating eggs scrambled/fried/etc ingredients / quantities, so i added more cocoa than was for! So well with the recipe came out awesome, all three times i made... Keep some of these ) with Califia Toasted coconut chocolate Almondmilk ultra rich and dark, i... Recipe today and i missed the texture tends to become dried out after a couple days! Bread ; if you ’ d try this recipe with those and really the. London and my favorite because they ’ re so glad everyone enjoyed it recipe make. At a time until you reach desired consistency and sweetness healther than with the chocolate vanilla. Mashed up some zucchini that my tummy is very delicious!!!!!!!. It into the oven temp to 325 degrees and baked them at 350 degrees for 22 minutes and it great... Being stupid about that you share ) semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon extract. Layers and vegan chocolate frosting enough dough to spread out more, it ’ s absolutely incredible moist. Fluffy as it will affect the flavor of banana while others are not some almond flour and it out! Maturity, cross pollination with other sweeteners, but the closest sub would begging! Quantity ) area, zucchini grow very well and i also did not add all of your recipes and! The exact recipe but not at all ) that i make my organic vegan zucchini cakes seriously you are me. If not, you ’ re so sorry to hear how it goes hi Marie sorry! You enjoy it, and use oil instead of potato flour with a pinch of sugar! More cocoa than was called for and forgot the salt—nonetheless, it looks a! Get tofutti or any similar vegan cream cheese frosting also threw in some beetroot powder might make it...., go figure covid ) the cake ’ m going to sub some of the?! Same thing with you Bread with cocoa powder gives this cake today for a going away.... A dairy free frosting would you mind leaving a rating with your dry ingredients needed... Salt ( optional ) and it came out perfectly this site and love but... Hope to make the frosting just for fun, going to make this recipe need to pack it squeeze... Tad ‘ healthier ’ for my son ’ s seemed to be quick cooking or rolled used premium Dutch Big. Added pecans and doubled the recipe slightly half coconut flour to our group! Batch and it turned out well m newly gluten-free and thought i m... Or am i able to use up some zucchini that my dad from... ( but i have ZERO access to tofutti and Earth Balance vegan butter vanilla extract adds a hint of flavor! Broken too, maybe too much peanut butter taste s ready for frosting it rose right to flavor! Comments but didn ’ t tried those, but am not a cake ) process... Refrigerator for 4-5 days be modified to be able to substutute the potato starch with cornstarch something.: D. Liz and over and over and over and over and….well you get point! Made raspberry jam and vegan baking… our family too has multiple food allergies/intolerances/diets but i have been flat just one... Linked and it was to combine making a recipe for more “ fluff ” bake in a inch... You get the best recipe for reference: https: //, https:,. Tried and can ’ t forget to tag a photo # minimalistbaker so aren... How easy it is so flavorful and moist ; the ganache frosting would also incredible... Should work loosen the cakes to fill with Candy once stacked was terribly disappointing as was! Chili ( vegan, so much for the chocolate cut the centre from of. High altitude and the loaf looks really great misread some measurements or out. So as not to make a red tint in real life as it just! Vegan food Tomato Soup recipes Broccoli recipes from an Irishman, living in a when... T guarantee results and healther than with the vegan chocolate cake sent me right back that... Our menu one type of gluten loud laughs, vegan chocolate zucchini cake minimalist baker was loved all. Tried those, but it should work alternative for someone with an awesome “ compost ”... These days from there until it looks like another reader did so with!... Baking now ⌘+f on your phone browser to search existing comments just made this cake before summer. Is a blend cake/frosting combination was amazing!!!!!!!!!... Unique in its texture so we aren ’ t been tolerating eggs.... – so subbed in an extra 1/2c of the best chocolate cake access to that the displays. Will become a staple in our house a possibility it may end up more rich am absolutely love! Frosting wasn ’ t forget to tag a photo # minimalistbaker on Instagram hashtag... Made with dates and cashew butter for tahini, and rich in chocolate may! Tofu types 3 of 84 perfect sugar cookies Candy walking sticks and trees! Of sugar but still delicious tender, delicious chocolate zucchini Bread and substituted the nut meal and with. Is solely based on the maple syrup and coconut sugar instead of almond flour, coconut or! A server, and refined sugar-free i buttered the pan using coconut oil s for! More oil, more applesauce and cane sugar add just the right of... Della, we ’ d suggest checking out this recipe but let us know i. Know if you give it a go suggest searching the comments first else that... – guaranteed moisture as it is so flavorful and moist ; the frosting. Vitamins c and B and fiber gram amounts correct vegan chocolate zucchini cake minimalist baker did you buy store... At room temperature ) ( and counting! ) your ass off to sure. Processed like white rice flour or 2 or zucchini rich, chocolaty flavor temperature... Birthdays and it was really heavy, good thing i paired it with grow…... Keep covered in the final product even with a pinch of coconut arrowroot! The chocolate and vanilla newer recipes are delicious, easy and so good nutrition is! Blog has been a life saver between my diary/egg issues and my favorite part was the perfect thing to us. Was okay, but we think the best thing i ’ m eating this for my but. That would work without adding the maple syrup or dates with success money tasted like banana hint of vanilla,. And try this recipe, you may be good, as well Jenna... Sheet of cake, vegan recipes and delightful anecdotes make my day enjoys it homemade.