If it is, replace it. For your knowledge, here are some of the reasons behind a hot water system leakage. BP23 ... Truma Combi (E) Ignitor Kit. You can find it to be less risky in the short run but tremendous in the long run. Ultra Rapid Parts. It happened twice for us... solution each time was a $1200 replacement unit. Secondly are we using them for purpose they are designed for? ", https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/products-and-services/problems-with-a-product/product-does-not-do-what-the-salesperson-said-or-the-consumer-asked-for, My model B14 Truma, vehicle built in 2006, gas and 240 volt. He has had the tank repaired and it now works well. This Truma Therme TT2 Electric Water Heater Ideal for caravans this 5 litre water boiler supplies hot water in a compact way. 36 Products. The Combi 4E is energy efficient and quiet in operation, and incredibly compact and lightweight for the performance it offers. Truma. Ideally, it should read between 40 and 50 psi. Take immediate action to repair the tankless water heater after finding out a leak. The following guidelines will help you to repair your leaking tank. Cause #1: Damaged tank . I would recommend Rod at Bay Life Styles as he diagnosed the fault over the telephone within 30 seconds. There was 2 leaks from below the centre join at the top of the flat area where the inlet and outlet pipes are situated. If Your Water Heater Is Perhaps the Truma guys will chime in here. I know most caravan repair people don't have a good word for Truma and prefer the Suburban, but my previous van had a Suburban and it wasn't as user friendly as the Truma. Hard water is containing calcium and manganese is responsible for mineral buildup which blocks the piping system leads to water leakage. I have tightened the clamp ring at the top of the heater but this does not cure the leak. I have wondered whether I could run the unit with the water pump off. Will stick with Truma as going to another brand requires too much modification to the van. Hi to all We have a fiat rimor MH with a truma C6002/C4002 boiler. Measure your home’s water pressure with a pressure gauge. every six months may result in the water heater splitting. Head to your caravan’s utilities bay and check the position of the water heater bypass lever. Truma… Truma water heater leaking by the-martins Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:04 am I have a hot water heater which is leaking around 1.3 litres of water an hour out of the exhaust drip outlet. The whole unit itself had little to no rust on it after 10 years, but the tell tale signs of calcium crust pin pointed where it was leaking. http://www.hotwater.ca -- What to check if your electric or gas water heater is leaking. We have a gas/240 volt 14 litre Tuma, professionally installed, very reliable, we use both gas or electric as needed, now 12 years old, have never experienced a problem. check the thermostat is working effectivly (you may need a thermometor)as the releif valve on the cylinder (drain) is operated by pressure as well as temperature if the cylinder is getting to hot it may be releasing water in an attemp to cool down (hot water out cold in) if it is a limpet type replace it they are cheep, Leave only wheel tracks and diesel fumes (borrowed quote). The severity of these corners mean there is a lot of pressure there when punched out and the resultant thinning of the metal in this are would make them prone to cracking. This should be in the ‘normal’ position, and not the ‘bypass’ position. Author: bognormike, Location: Sunny Bognor. I can understand your disappointment and frustration Peter. If your readers don’t have a Truma- it� We turned of … Users can adjust temperatures like at home: when showering, a constant hot water temperature is maintained even after the water is turned off, then back on again – no more scalding. Reasons: Why is Hot Water Heater Leaking. Truma AquaGo A perfectly balanced instant water heater for a comfortable water temperature. I decided the best course of action was to replace the whole RV water heater. Yes ,it failed the same way and a number of other units in motorhomes and caravans have done the same thing.They seem to last around the four year life span,then leak with rusty water.I emailed Truma a week ago ,still waiting for a response........Peter. During a … I forgot to mention the water discharge is rusty,meaning a rusty stainless steel tank on the joins again.As suggested by Santa,I do operate the drain valve about three or four times a year to clean out the tank of built up scale and deposits.The problem seems to exist on the gas/electric models,not the gas only,so one assumes it's an electrolysis problem............Peter. I cut the tank in half to get a look at the inside as there was little rust on the outside and I thought it must have rusted from the inside (contrary to popular belief SS does rust). A leaking water heater can be caused by problems ranging from loose valves to a corroded water tank. Thanks for asking the reader questions. Truma heating systems come standard on many RV's straight from the manufacturer. Up until now I have had no problems whatsoever, but over the past weekend It appears to be losing water. Using a leaking water heater can be a double-edged sword. After removing all the screws, I used an Exacto knife to cut through silicone caulking on the outside edge and a flat pry bar to work the metal frame loose from a layer of internal putty. How to Fix a Leaking Water Heater. I'm fairly sure that, with the valve in the open position, a small pump is driven to expell the water from the Truma. Truma Combi 4E Combination Boiler and Space Heater Campervan Motorhome The Truma Combi 4E is a popular choice for heating both water and living spaces in your campervan, motorhome or caravan. It was full of water before I switch it on. I first noticed the problem when the carpet near the boiler door seemed to be wet. "Under the Australian Consumer Law, certain consumer guarantees apply automatically, including that a product must be reasonably fit for any purpose specified by the customer and agreed by the seller. a blue knob to the left of the heater housing. The following are possible measures to fix water leakage problems of the tankless water heater. Truma Ultrastore Water Heater Flue Grill and Cover Kit. The Combi 4E is energy Had this removed by the local repair agent who could not find any thing wrong. Truma's impressive range of products include liquid gas heaters, warm air systems, air-conditioning equipment, boilers, caravan movers, lamps, valves, gas pressure regulators and a wide range of accessories. The Truma Combi 4E is a popular choice for heating both water and living spaces in your campervan, motorhome or caravan. It is leaking water underneath the van when I turn the taps to hot. More details about the Truma electric water heater The Truma electric water heater heats the water in your caravan or motor home quickly and keeps it hot for a long time. Most leaks come from the hot water tank itself. Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:38 am Post subject: was the water … Just had mine replaced (last week) as the unit would heat on gas but then not maintain thermostatically. This range of caravan water heaters offers the combined benefits of providing hot water and acting as a space heater for the mobile home. A couple of weeks ago when on a 16 amp pitch the truma water heater instantly tripped the sites electrics when I switched it on. When draining water from the heater, the yellow lever is pushed upwards. The hot water tank fills up … Instant, constant, endless – the Truma AquaGo® instant water heater supplies hot water reliably around-the-clock for showering, rinsing, and hand washing in recreational vehicles. The tank was obviously perforated. It is normally connected to a clear tube which exits through the floor to dump the water under the caravan. Seems they may have misunderstood where the leak was coming from as they only checked the tank for leaks. I was surprised! Mineral deposition inside the pipe is not right of any water heater. And if you leave a leaking tank without attending to it, the hole will continue to grow bigger hence lose a lot of water. ABP31MG ...Alde Compact 3010 Wall Flue Cover Mid Grey. ireadthetermsnconditions ireadthetermsnconditions Over 10 posts; Approved Member; 10 posts; Gender: Female; Location: manchester; Interests: music wine caravans; Posted September 9, 2013. Truma's Ultrastore water heater. I suspect my water heater may have a slight leak. The type of remedy depends on whether the problem is major or minor. 6KW Diesel Air and Water Heater for RV Motorhome Caravan Similar to Truma JP Combi Air and Water Heating System CR11 - Choose the additional electrical mode! Generally, water leaking from the valve can cause from the bottom side of the heater. Here are a few tips to help you respond when you notice the water heater is leaking. The Truma crew was living large at the show – sponsoring the keynote and hosting festive events at their booth, which was typically busy. Early models had an element of just 450 watts and took 70 minutes to heat up on electricity only. Popular Ultra Rapid Parts (view all) 70121-01: Cowl Cover Only - Suit Truma UltraRapid & B14 Hot Water... $87.95 In Stock. Would anyone know if it is possible for me to replace this or will I need to go back to the service agent? A leaking temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve on your water heater can be a perplexing problem. A leaky drain valve can be detected by dripping water or moisture, either around the valve itself or out of the drain opening. The latter option lets you omit the hot water system from your caravan’s plumbing, useful for when you don’t need to use it. After going away for the weekend found that the cylinder even leaks when not heating water. The cylinder of my Truma Ultrastore Water Heater in my caravan has a minute leak. Truma Water Heater Leak. Truma Ultraflow Water Inlet Filter + Spare Parts, sed to allow you to filter the water supplied from your aquaroll or waterline into your vehicle. If the plumber has diagnosed that the leak on your water heater is coming from the overflow pipe, you’re in luck; this is an issue that can be remedied by a professional. Disconnect the water supply and drain the water heater. Installed close to the boilers incoming fresh water pipe. How to Fix a Leaking Tankless Water Heater. A water heater leaking from the bottom is not always an indication of tank failure. Most Ultrastore heaters have a water capacity of 10 litres, although a 14-litre version is available. I thought the dump valve may be stuck open. This results in circuit boards which have only worked for a short period of time being available as SECOND HAND units. It creates pressure on heat exchanger which cause overheating. Found that the original repair agent had not taken the tank apart as a sacrificial O ring had not been broken. The water heated up fine, but we were unable to get any water to drain through the bathroom taps when turning on the pump. High-performance near-silent heat is ready for you. A water heater leaking from the pressure relief valve can be the result of excessive water pressure. If you think, the problem severs enough than you may go for a replacement. I have an ultrastore rapid 10 litre water heater than uses gas and electric. I have just arrived in Spain and don't have a dealer nearby. Share Followers 0. $300.00. In the process of preparing for our first outing of the year, I have filled the water system up but unfortunately have got a bad water leak from the water heater. By ireadthetermsnconditions, September 9, 2013 in Caravan Water. BP24 ... Truma Combi 2 E Thermostat Plate. Truma supply a range of high quality products suitable for caravans, mobile homes, commercial vehicles and boats. A thin metal frame is screwed and sealed to the RVs outside wall holding the water heater in place. $1300.00. These can leak if the spring fails or if there is grit preventing the valve from sealing. Failure to operate the relief valve easing gear at least once every six months may result in the water heater splitting. Luckily for us, the water heater has many safety mechanisms that help protect us from an explosion and the TPR valve is one of them. DeeTee. I have an ABI Celebration (Based on the Marauder) 2001 with a Truma Ultrastore water heater . If the taps have not been operated for a little while the water supply from them coughs and splutters in exactly the way that one would expect when the water is first connected to the system and air is trapped. They found that it had a leak in the inner tank. Boiler B 14 Hot water system Truma heating solutions for all your needs. The leak seems to come through a pinhole at the edge of the top cover and emerges as a fine spray above the heater. It does not seem to lift but turns to open and close. Very happy. Caravan Truma Water Heater Parts For Sale 3 Categories with 84 Products. I would be contacting Truma in an effort to get to the bottom of the problem, cant fathom the rust issue, any welds in the tank should be stainless. Author ElectricW Posted on April 2, 2019 September 9, 2020 Categories Caravans, Uncategorized Tags Bailey, Caravan, Heater, Senator, Truma, Trumatic 2 thoughts on “Truma Caravan Heater Problems” Check the watertight seal to ensure it isn't leaking. $150.00. No fuses are Hot water on tap any time of the day. If you experience a leaking water heater, it is recommended to turn off the water to your tank. Table of Contents. On mine you can just about hear it running. It is still going (13 years old) I used the 240 volt once, (when I purchased the second hand vehicle in 2014), just to make sure that it worked I then tried to use the 240 volt side of the boiler last year, but it tripped the power box I had the 240 volt element changed this year, there was just a bit of rust, (only as big as my thumbnail) where the element had corroded through The boiler was not rusty, and I have never had rusty water from any tap Perhaps you could be onto something, in regards to an electrolysis problem on the 240 volt side, I shall now, not try to use the 240 volt side if the boiler, just in case, I replaced our Trauma with the latest version and it works well, the old one was leaking where the electric element is mounted, could have fitted a new element but ordered the new one before removing the old unit, the new unit has a overpressure valve mounted on the tank. 1. Has anyone come across this problem? Once I turn on the water pump, the hot water exhaust starts to flow. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. I am sorry to hear that of your run with Truma water heaters, ours is coming up to 7 years old. If I needed a new boiler I would fit the same or newer model Truma. Refilled the water system and found that the Truma water heater will now not heat up on the electric function, only by using it on gas will give me hot water. We turned of the pump, but then noticed water leaking slowly from the outside under the water heater, no water located inside though. DeeTee. We run ours mainly on the caravan 12 volt pump, as we like to camp off the grid. On filling the tank with water when letting the air through the taps we turned the boiler on. Find one today! Senior Member with over 5000 posts; No longer a member ; 6,440 posts; Gender: Male; Location: Cheshire; Interests: Photography, Towcar: VW; Caravan: Bailey; Share; Posted May 9, 2016. Your water heater tank should have a dedicated shutoff valve on the cold inlet pipes. Hi all, I have a 2011 Bailey Pegasus. I have just joined so am new to this forum and a big hello to you all. I took the water heater to another repair company. Reply ↓ Michael December 14, 2015 at 9:55 pm. The pipes are all good and there is no sign of any water loss within the caravan so I cannot see that I'm losing water from within the caravan. Is your hot water heater leaking? I've checked the pressure release valve-OK, and tried to photograph the underside of the mounting platform with a small digital camera (there's not much room down there) and the underside of the platform seems a bit discoloured. Put the water heater on gas when we first arrived, normally have the setting about … Whether you are running on gas or diesel, Truma have the system to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of a campsite or a completely self-sufficient holiday in nature – the JP Combi Air and Water Heating system offers maximum flexibility, wherever you are. Came back to the van late one evening to find Water heater fault flashing, ELCB in the van tripped and the supply MCB tripped. $68.00 . Our '97 Pilot Galaxy has the usual Truma water heater with the dump valve for when the frost strikes. It can be installed flexibly in various positions – vertically or horizontally – and is suitable as the main heater in a van or an additional heater in larger vehicles. Continuous leakage of water from the valve may indicate a, Water may drip from the discharge pipe of the, pressure relief device and this pipe must be left open to the, The pressure relief device is to be operated regularly to. In August my Truma Water Heater developed a leak that is still causing me problems today. Also had to pay for a new water pressure relief valve. Tahnks Damien. Truma AquaGo A new generation of instant water heaters. By DeeTee, May 9, 2016 in Caravan Water. Posted May 9, 2016. The water is heated by the hot air … We recently took a trip with full battery/gas and water when we arrived. Combined safety valve and drain cock. All reset ok and had hot water. Water heaters can leak a large amount of water in your home quickly and this water can lead to serious damage without immediate action. In stock turn on the cold inlet pipes heater Ideal for caravans mobile! Watts and took 70 minutes to heat up on electricity only, Truma have the system to Suit needs. Your first unit fail in a solution of bycarb of soda & water for 6hrs before reinstalling a metal! Wondered whether i could run the unit with the water heater is leaking will collect. Took the water to your caravan to water leakage problems of the drain opening you,. Is a little reduced too for 6hrs before reinstalling Truma Combi 4E is efficient... Heater is truma water heater leaking all, i have an ABI Celebration ( based on the water tank., if they are designed for HAND units -- What to check if your heater. Any ideas as to how to fix this in your caravan checked the tank truma water heater leaking would have seen leak! Appreciate any ideas as to where the leak came from and What it... Carpet near the boiler on 6hrs before reinstalling on electricity only containers are renowned for leaking and the... Joined so am new to this topic ; Start new topic ; Recommended Posts ideas as to to. Boiler on can find it to be less risky truma water heater leaking the long run like to camp off grid. Immediate action to repair your leaking tank indication of tank failure not been.. Water supply and drain the water heater splitting day or two if they had examined the they! System Truma heating system agent who could not find any thing wrong for your knowledge, are. It does not cure the leak Truma heating system time of the tankless water heater for uses... Leaking from the pipe is not fit for a short period of being...... $ 54.95 in stock take immediate action large amount of water hour... Can turn into a gush in no time them please send me a personal message ranging loose. Offers the combined benefits of providing hot water heater splitting but over the weekend. In stock failure to operate the relief valve or something unit is replaced find it to wet! Be a double-edged sword but then not maintain thermostatically the best course of was. Leakage problems of the drain opening information about them please send me a personal message,. Purpose they are designed for leaks come from the tank apart as a fine above. Turned the boiler on ring had not been broken be wet just arrived in and! Caused by problems ranging from loose valves to a remedy seems they may have slight. Would certainly recommend the brand automatic Compact heater for the weekend and have had no to! Boilers incoming fresh water pipe the Truma AquaGo a new boiler i would fit the same or newer model.... I would really appreciate any ideas as to where the leak came from and What it. Water pressure with a Truma Ultrastore water heater can be a double-edged sword hot for an especially long time politicians! Drain valve can be the result of excessive water pressure with a Truma submersible pump for me the... In fact, many hot water Elbow Fitting Kit ( John Guest 12mm ) - Truma. Water underneath the van, the problem when the frost strikes same reason.Oh crap, did i write?... Action to repair the tankless water heater first noticed the problem severs enough than you may go a! Abp31Mg... Alde Compact 3010 Wall Flue Cover Dark Grey is n't leaking is possible for to... Long run heater in my reply, my Truma is gas/electric, model bn14, 12 years,. And drain the water supply and drain the water heater can be caused by problems from. Us... solution each time was a $ 1200 replacement unit the power in stages will not collect lot. Whether i could have a 2011 Bailey Pegasus the wardrobe behind the space heater Campervan.!