Season of the Hunt has started. c = 3, according to the writing on the strange machine in the dungeon, and m = 845, according to Mur's diary entry. The walkthrough will cover getting through the entire game, and finding all the secrets and hidden areas. Submachine 9: the Temple read more. Use a … ... Use a submachine gun to defeat combatants at close range, and use the grenade launcher to defeat the combatants rapidly. Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: A sequel to Mateusz Skutnik's excellent point-and-click adventure series, Submachine 2 will have you mapping out tunnels as you explore the dark recesses of this classic-style Flash game. You’ve just found Secret(1) 2) Keep going left and go up the stairs, pick up the cog wheel on the floor. Submachine 8: the Plan read more. Submachine 2 Welcome to the walkthrough on my personal favorite game in an ever-so-wonderful series: Submachine. The Chatterbox Exotic submachine gun is one of the most powerful weapons available in The Division 2.Its suite of perks make it a great choice for almost any loadout. Submachine 2: the Lighthouse read more. Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2 Remake) is full of secrets and Easter eggs (like hidden references to previous games), has many unlockables including modes, weapons, costumes, and also a … 845 * 3 * 3 = 7605. 1) Click the Submachine game machine and look at your right side on top of the rocks there is a tiny red ball. Secret(2) on chair. This objective is hidden in-game. Submachine 4: the Lab read more. Good luck and have fun! Submachine 6: the Edge read more. SECRETS In the Laboratory 1. on chair in attic 2. on landing between floors 2 and 3 3. by garbage can near computer 4. on fallen chair on floor 1 5. at base of pipe in bunsen burner room 6. in bathroom In the Ancient Section 7. in the rubble 8. in the statue's eye… This game is 5 times bigger than the first one, and a lot tougher to get through. The Submachine series is among the best on the Web, so if you love first-person adventures, ala Myst, don't miss this one. Submachine 3: the Loop read more. [REPLAY] Submachine 2 - The Light House is sequel to the world's famous point and click Submachine games series, that grabbed minds of millions of people all around the world. Play Submachine Game 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, FLF, Zero, 32 Chambers and Wakthrough Submachine … While all your focus may be on Destiny 2’s new Beyond Light expansion, at some point we will transition back to consuming our content on a seasonal rotation. Submachine 7: the Core read more. Secret Triumph. The latest title up for grabs is Warden which will task you with some things Bungie hasn’t asked players of … Part 3: Submachine 2: The Lighthouse Part 3 Submachine 2: The Lighthouse ♫ Thumpmonks - Submachine 2 - Lighthouse FPzero got the correct answer. It says e on the input panel, which is a reference to E = mc^2. Submachine 5: the Root read more.