There are good things ahead. We have to let God dwell in us and us in him so as for us to be fruitful. I shouldn’t be having these kind of days! I feel God should do everything in his power to assist this despair and hatred I am feeling towards him…… not vice versa. I’ve heard of people going through extremely trying times and growing closer to God in the process. Our faith should grow day by day by reading the word of God and believing in him that he is the Alpha and Omega. You have always been strong and courageous, but your experience has taken “keeping the faith” to a whole new level. When facing desperate times, we turn back to God after leaving His embrace temporarily. I pondered this question just yesterday. Remain Planted in Good Soil Well, once more, for the past few years, I have been enduring a lot of emotional pain and hardship….along with my continuous physical pain (which I accepted years ago). Are these things that would be helpful for you too? And then Jesus appears to Thomas, right there in front of everyone, and Thomas says, “My Lord my God!” What does Jesus say? We take forward steps and backward steps (and side steps and missteps), but we’re growing when our number of forward steps become greater. Is your stalemate a struggle with trusting in the Lord or something else in your life? That is the shared faith of God… and sometimes i get so impatient and downhearted that i start wavering While some of us consolidate and forget thinking of it as past, some of us don’t actually get over with it and feel guilty about it day and night. Get a lawyer and fight or give her what she wants. Share on pinterest. Many thanks Jenn for praying for me and being an encouragement. I started to give up on faith and my kids, didn’t know what to except the pain im going threw or the fact that I’m giving up. My family really going through it an have been for a while now I pray ,pray an it seems like my prayer not being answer. l loose my faith a lot of times when I’m going through .But I know that’s a part of having faith and having patience. A wonderful illustration of this unseen presence is described in (Luke 24:13-35). I am striving every day to focus on being a blessing to others. God bless you! Every day we have to realign ourselves and remember to trust. I need wisdom from God so badly but I can’t seem to hear Him and what He requires of me. Keeping Faith in Hard Times Going by faith — or, really living by faith — is about the free-will choice to trust God and choose His way over our own. You will feel (and eventually see) the difference. Sharon, thank you, your words are a comfort to me! My faith in God is what’s giving me hope in the midst of this pandemic. God promised He would never leave me regardless of the storm. God bless you sister. Krista, you are an endless inspiration. I do see your comment! I don’t know if that’s something you or your wife would ever consider, but there are other programs like this out there, even your church… are you able to counsel with a pastor or elder in ministry of marriage? We have to know Him before we will trust Him and His plans. We all have struggles with faith. You don’t want to use an alternative solution to get the much-needed solution to difficult situations. Yes, he messed up again by arranging to have Bathsheba’s husband killed. Yes, that’s right: Faith. Faith For Tough Times Series. I like to say, "No person on earth and no devil in hell can keep me from God's will." We are brothers and sisters in Christ. Welcome! It’s amazing how we can feel like we’re the only ones dealing with certain things. Sarah Grant. God bless you Rachel, how are things going? The Crucifixion: Growing in Hard Times. “Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be … Looking forward to more updates. I had to understand, that it does not matter what I am going through, HE IS WITH ME!!!! So, be ready. We all have trials, some the same and some different. Practice Contentment. What a great site you have! Have a look around. Ask, seek and knock, like Matthew 7:7 says. As my husband tells me, stay in the Word. It hurts. @Vicky — Thank you for sharing this. Amazing things start happening inside and outside. How are things going? I will, even now. Thanks for reaching out Steven… how did everything work out? BTW, this is a wonderful site! He will not leave you or forsake you.”, Matthew 28:20 “Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. Why wasn’t He showing Himself? It’s a feeling like God has forsaken you and rewards the unkind, the users, the haters, the bullies etc. … because you are precious to me and because I love you and give you honor, do not be afraid—I am with you!” Isaiah 43:1-5, Unfortunately people who have been so unsympathetic are believer.