Emily Murphy: There are a world of possibilities when it comes to the benefits of AI for the public sector. Ronald Schmelzer is Managing Partner & Principal Analyst at AI Focused Research and Advisory firm Cognilytica (http://cognilytica.com), a leading analyst firm focused on. • Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021, a in a ceremony likely to be held outside the Capitol. We recently marked our 1 year anniversary of the JAIC and CoE partnership and released an announcement of our many achievements. She needs to recognize the results of the election and let President-elect Biden get to work for the American people. "I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country. Who is Emily Murphy? A Focus On Quality AI Research Methods. A bot was used to bilaterally modify GSA’s leases in response to a new law that bans the use of certain technologies in those spaces in order to improve the security of federal employees and their data. ", Trump's assertions about election malfeasance are at odds with a finding from a national coalition of election security officials, which concluded that the Nov. 3 general election was "the most secure in American history.". degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and MBA from Johns Hopkins University. For Democrats, Monday's decision brought a sigh of relief. We also are growing our data science capabilities to use predictive analytics as an extension of our existing analytics and data management capabilities. GSA specifically will better be able to support our partner agencies through faster, more efficient and more informed mechanisms with the support of AI. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is an automated scripting technique that is sometimes categorized in the same overarching ecosystem of technologies as AI. She, however, claimed that her life was threatened as a result of the delay caused by the legal proceedings going on. Partnership with private industry will be critical to ensure we are building responsible AI solutions. We’re focused on finding and creating smart systems, services, and solutions that make it easier to interact with the government on every level. • Congress will hold a joint session on Jan. 6, 2021, to count the electoral votes and declare the results. AI, and specifically natural language processing (NLP), can be leveraged to streamline many processes that were previously manual or document driven. WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the U.S. Senate confirmed Emily Webster Murphy to be the next administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Ron received a B.S. In fact, in just the past six months, challenge.gov has hosted over a dozen federally sponsored prize competitions that focus on the use of artificial intelligence. The declaration from the GSA's Emily Murphy will free up more than $6 million for President-elect Joe Biden transition team. ", Meanwhile, Trump portrayed it as a minor step. Didn’t know it was even possible to get ratioed like that. You may opt-out by. Even in the face of thousands of threats, I always remained committed to upholding the law. But according to the media (search Google for “GSA Biden”), Emily W. Murphy, the head of the GSA, just authorized Biden to get transition funding, legitimizing him as the President-elect. That particular aspect of the GSA got a lot more news and publicity over the past few weeks than perhaps it ever has in recent history. Emily Murphy, the head of the General Services Administration, says she'll allow President-elect Joe Biden to begin his transition to the White House. It’s in that latter light that I had the opportunity to interview Emily on how the GSA is approaching artificial intelligence. Among many things that Emily Murphy is responsible for, one of the most consequential every four years is the ascertainment of a Presidential election winner so that a transition of power can proceed. These are sessions designed to introduce and explain new and emerging technologies to the staff of GSA. In this September 30, 2020 , Biden gestures during a campaign stop in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Emily Murphy: We launched an AI Community of Practice to get smart people from across government talking and sharing best practices, then we set up an AI Center of Excellence to put their knowledge to work. What do you see as some of the unique opportunities the public sector has around AI? Per her bio, Murphy leads a staff of over 11,000 government … AI can help regulators  reduce duplicative/outdated regulations, understand burden and impact, and automate time consuming manual research and analysis tasks. One of the first things CoE worked on was assisting in the creation of the First Five Consortium, a first-of-its-kind Public Private Partnership which seeks to augment Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Response efforts with AI-enabled capabilities. The key is to ensure that we leverage both human and AI systems together. When you keep in mind that GSA leases about 180 million square feet of office space in addition to our owned space, this would have been a herculean task without RPA. Emily Murphy: AI is a critical part of GSA’s vision for the future, and it should be for all agencies. Job. What is the GSA doing to develop an AI ready workforce? This is how we lay the intellectual infrastructure needed to support the tens of thousands of federal workers, contractors, and citizens who will be working with this technology. People often speak of evaluating an AI system after it has been developed. Government should be leveraging AI technologies in a responsible manner to serve the people of this country. This program develops the core data science skills underlying effective implementation of AI and ML. Emily Murphy is an American attorney and government official who currently works as the Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA) as appointed by the ex-president ‘Donald Trump’. AI is allowing us to modernize our systems and processes, and shift from low value work to high value work. Remember, the GSA has been terrific, and Emily Murphy has done a great job, but the GSA does not determine who the next President of the United States will be. We have also discovered that many of our current processes exist simply because we have always done things that way. The team provides strategic tools and infrastructure support to rapidly discover use cases, identify applicable artificial intelligence methods, and deploy scalable solutions across the enterprise. We see great value in using those advanced capabilities in the tools we already use or in new implementations. “The GSA Administrator’s role under the Act is extremely narrow: to make resources and services available in connection with a … © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. We now have announced ten partnerships with different agencies where we have a presence. She has refused to sign a letter recognizing Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election which … Perhaps more importantly, Biden's team will now automatically have access to briefings from key federal agencies, including information on the COVID-19  response and the plans for a vaccine rollout. It is not just a checklist you run through after a solution is developed. With the AI CoE, TTS brings together machine learning, neural networks, intelligent process design and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to develop AI solutions that address unique business challenges agency-wide. But Trump said he would continue contesting the results. GSA recently created a guide on how other agencies can use GSA contracts to  access AI in the rulemaking and regulatory process. "I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official – including those who work at the White House or GSA – with regard to the substance or timing of my decision. GSA’s Technology Transformation Services, which is part of our Federal Acquisition Service, worked with other agencies to launch the first Centers of Excellence in late 2017, with the first partner (also known as our lighthouse agency) being USDA. What are some ways GSA is hoping to leverage AI and Machine Learning in the next few years? "Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.". The most notorious woman in America right now is a 46-year-old Trump appointee named Emily Murphy, who is acting more like a petulant child than someone with an important government job.Murphy is solely responsible for holding up the traditional peaceful transition of power, refusing to sign papers that would … So, instead of having to build something to see if it works, we can now use computers to do the first level of testing virtually. Your. GSA’s Technology Transformation Services. “When you are in public life, people remember the last thing you do,” Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said Monday. A few weeks ago, Emily Murphy, Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA) started making waves in the news. Abraham said Biden transition officials would begin meeting with the leaders of key federal agencies in the coming days to discuss the pandemic response, get an accounting of U.S. national security interests, and "gain complete understanding of the Trump administration’s efforts to hollow out government agencies. The GSA holds the keys to the Trump-to-Biden transition. Automation and AI have served a particularly important role at the GSA, impacting how it goes about running its operations and procuring solutions on behalf of government agencies. This past summer, GSA hosted the AI/ML End User License Agreement (EULA) challenge which showed how industry could provide IT solutions by leveraging AI and ML capabilities within the acquisition business process. Emily W. Murphy President-elect Joe Biden waves as he arrives to meet virtually with the United States Conference of Mayors at The Queen theater Monday, Nov. 23, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. Emily Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA), revealed Monday that she had received threats from those attempting to coerce her into approving the presidential transition … Other key steps that will take place in the coming weeks to pave the way for Biden's incoming presidency: • The Electoral College is scheduled to meet on Dec. 14, with each delegation meeting separately in their respective states and voting by paper ballot for president and vice president. Emily Murphy: I’m looking forward to universal communication across languages to around the world, and the accelerated digitization and processing of government forms. She was confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate and sworn in as the administrator of GSA on December 12, 2017. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has refused to brief Congress on why she is blocking the Biden transition. These are hard problems and require thoughtful consideration and cooperation to come up with a solution. Before her nomination, she served as a senior adviser to her predecessor — acting GSA administrator Timothy Horne. Emily Murphy: AI is a critical part of GSA’s vision for the future, and it should be for all agencies. He is also co-host of the popular AI Today podcast, a top AI related podcast that highlights various AI use cases for both the public and private sector as well as interviews guest experts on AI related topics. Responsibility and ethics are embedded in every stage of the AI development lifecycle from design to development to deployment, and must include continuous monitoring and feedback collection to ensure it is behaving as intended without causing harm or causing unintended consequences. Her formal declaration will release more than $6 million to the Biden transition team, which it can use to hire staff, pay for travel, and cover other expenses. Emily Murphy, GSA Office of the Administrator 202-501-2472 Emily’s direct extension (202) 501-0450. emily.murphy@gsa.gov @GSAEmily — JuneBug (@JMarieT03) November 17, 2020. Another highlight has been our partnership with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center at the Department of Defense. I am especially excited about our AI CoE, which is the sixth and latest pillar in our Centers of Excellence program. GSA Senior Advisor Emily Murphy Will Serve as GSA’s 41st Administrator. Still, there's little question that Murphy's written determination undermines Trump's protests that the election was unfair and that Biden's win is not legitimate. 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He is a sought-after expert in AI, Machine Learning, Enterprise Architecture, venture capital, startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems, and more. "Let us all now – Democrats and Republicans, the Trump Administration and the incoming Biden Administration – unite together for a smooth and peaceful transition that will benefit America.". Murphy said she was not pressured by Trump, to hold back the formal ascertainment. he wrote on Twitter. “GSA does not dictate the outcome of legal disputes and recounts, nor does it determine whether such proceedings are reasonable or justified.” Emily Murphy asserts that her duty is clear. By Ed Mazza General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy , who has refused to authorize the transition process for President-elect Joe Biden , fired off her first tweet in nearly two weeks on Wednesday and it wasn’t … We continue to see the vendor community enhancing software offerings with new capabilities that are powered by AI and ML in areas such as anomaly detection, natural language processing, and image recognition. “This is probably the closest thing to a concession that President Trump could issue," said Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York. Indeed, there are many other things that the GSA is much more known for being responsible for, from its role as the primary manager of real estate and buildings for the government to procuring billions of dollars of products, goods, and services. What do you see as some of the unique challenges the public sector has around AI? Biden earned 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232, with 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the presidency. As well, GSA OCTO hosts a speaker series called Tech Talks for GSA employees. And this means that it’s not just the job of an AI ethicist to ensure this. Emily Murphy, Chief of the General Services Administration (GSA), finally issued a letter to President-elect Joe Biden, granting him access to federal transition resources after winning the 2020 Presidential election. Another exciting example is Polaris, for which we just issued a Request for Information. ", But Murphy said she did receive threats "online, by phone, and by mail directed at my safety, my family, my staff, and even my pets in an effort to coerce me into making this determination prematurely. The announcement from Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration, marked a formal recognition by President Donald Trump's administration that Biden won the Nov. 3 election, even though the president has refused to concede and continues to make baseless allegations of voter fraud. "Today’s decision is a needed step to begin tackling the challenges facing our nation, including getting the pandemic under control and our economy back on track," said Yohannes Abraham, executive director of the Biden-Harris transition team. Emily Murphy, the once-obscure administrator of the General Services Administration, finally authorized the transition process between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden on Monday. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Related tech talks have included AI/ML Overview and “Battle of the Bots.” Our Chief Data Officer’s organization operates a training program for GSA employees called the Data Science Practioner’s Training Program. Senate Confirms Emily Murphy to Head GSA. The CoE supported JAIC in developing a robust AI Capability Maturity Model and AI Workforce Model to help gauge operational maturity across multiple functional areas. Polaris is a next generation contract worth $50 billion geared at small innovative companies. She was appointed to the role by Trump, and sworn in unanimously at the beginning of his presidency, according to her bio. These webinars have discussed topics such as defining your problem for AI acquisitions, how to draft objectives for your AI acquisition problems, and understanding data rights and IP clauses for AI acquisitions for federal employees. Emily Murphy: Like many private companies, we have lots of work - more than our workforce can always handle. Call GSA Administrator Emily Murphy at 202-710-5267 and tell her to follow the law and do her job. The Centers of Excellence teams provide technical expertise in support of the following areas: cloud adoption, contact center, customer experience, data analytics, infrastructure optimization, and artificial intelligence. Why Donald Trump's tweet about Emily Murphy, head of the GSA, matters in the US election. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve the speed and accuracy of document-review tasks, such as End User License Agreement (EULA) or solicitations; Performing predictive maintenance on equipment maintained by GSA; Performing sentiment analysis and categorization on comments and service tickets; and. There is nothing ordinary about the year 2020, and in this highly charged political year, everything gets more attention than might have been deserved in previous years. Monitoring, evaluation and updating models must be at the forefront of the process, not an afterthought after a solution is built. The amount of work involved in a typical hand-over is monumental and will be even greater now, as the country grapples with the COVID pandemic and the economic crisis. Can you share what the CoE is and how it’s helping advance use of data? In a recent AI Today podcast, recorded right before the election, Emily Murphy shared her insights into how AI is transforming the federal government. Emily Murphy: A few of the challenges that the public sector faces when it comes to AI are: data cleanliness, managing data, and hiring tech savvy AI federal system owners to properly operate, manage, and evaluate the system. We have over 70 bots currently in operation that have saved over 260,000 hours. "Please know that I came to my decision independently, based on the law and available facts," Murphy wrote in a letter to Biden. Even those that deal with the government regularly might not have been aware of such a pivotal role that the GSA has with regards to elections. Murphy’s letter to Biden came hours after Michigan’s four-member elections board voted to certify Biden’s win in that state by 154,187 votes. She’s clearly conspiring with Donald Trump on some level to hold up the transition, and questions have been raised as to whether Murphy is … Emily Murphy, the General Services Administration (GSA) boss transmitted a letter to Mr Joe Biden yesterday, 23 November so that he could start his transition process. – Congrats to GSA Administrator Emily Murphy, who is holding up the transition and now has 40,000 negative replies on her most recent tweet, with just 800 likes. GSA allows President-elect Biden to transition to the White House. We have implemented an enterprise platform for implementing RPA and have automated many processes. What is it? Here are a few examples: What AI technologies are you most looking forward to in the coming years? WASHINGTON – The Trump administration cleared the way Monday for President-elect Joe Biden to begin his official transition, allowing Biden's team to get access to briefings, office space, secure computers and other government services needed for the transfer of power. Emily Murphy: The federal government is using crowdsourcing in dynamic ways to engage industry and subject matter experts across the USA to advance innovation with artificial intelligence. GSA administrator Emily Murphy has signed off on the transition process. A few examples: currently we’re using AI to analyze comments made during the “public comment period” of rulemaking, to update regulations so that they reflect today’s technology and products, to identify areas of overlap and duplication in the Federal code and in regulatory guidance and make it easier to streamline regulations, and to make predictions about the effect of regulations on stakeholders. AI can also be used to accelerate hiring and the onboarding process at federal agencies. Biden's transition team also applauded the move, calling it the "final decision" and a "definitive action" needed for an orderly transfer of power. As well, when we would get new systems, we’d program them to automate the old process without thinking through whether there was any value in that and whether the process was one we wanted or needed. Kristen Holmes of CNN tweeted: GSA responds to Dems on briefing- Dep. "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised," said a statement from the security group, which included the cybersecurity agency within Trump's own Department of Homeland Security, along with the National Association of State Election Directors. ", 'Special jeopardy:'100 former GOP national security officials warn Trump must allow transition. The objective is to provide no-cost AI-enhanced imagery to incident commanders and first responders within 5 minutes of a disaster to rapidly accelerate coordination times, saving lives and property. . "Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight, and I believe we will prevail!" Emily Murphy is a traitor to the USA blocking the transition of power in violation of the Constitution & The Presidential Transition Act … Here are a few examples of how we hope to leverage AI and Machine Learning: How is the GSA engaging industry and private sector in your AI efforts? (General Services Administration) According to a CNN report, Murphy has been in charge of the GSA since 2017, making her one of the long-serving Trump appointees. That means millions of dollars in funds can be released to help set things up for the new administration and provide … Emily Murphy is sworn in as administrator of the General Services Administration in Washington on Dec. 5, 2017. Emily Murphy, the GSA Worker Holding up Presidential Transition of Power, Is Not a Victim Do. Because the responsible use of AI occurs at every stage of the development lifecycle, we need to reframe what it means to use AI responsibly. Emily Murphy: In general, GSA is looking to implement AI and Machine Learning technology provided by vendors for existing software, as well as implementing custom solutions using this technology. There are also unresolved issues surrounding the responsible and ethical use of AI. December 5, 2017. Teams need to engage across the organization to establish oversight and audit procedures to ensure that AI and automation continue to perform as intended. Many AI technologies and tools hold promise of helping the federal government to become more efficient, reveal greater insight, and make better decisions. The GSA holds the keys to transition funds and tools, but Murphy had delayed issuing an official determination recognizing Biden's win, as the Trump campaign filed a flurry of lawsuits challenging the results. Advances in AI and ML have fundamentally changed the way private industry does business. GSA is promoting Communities of Practice as well to help other agencies as they adopt AI, ML, and RPA. How important is AI to the GSA’s vision of the future? In this article she further shares her insights into AI, the GSA, and the federal government. GSA Official Blocking The Biden Transition Process, Is Looking For A New Job Herself Emily Murphy has so far refused to sign a letter declaring the apparent winner of the presidential election, releasing funds … GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has become a focus of controversy over the past few days, due to her refusal to formally sign off on the transition to President-elect Joe Biden. This was hosted on challenge.gov and received 20 AI and ML solutions from solvers. For many who may not have known her before, she has been leading the GSA for a few years helping bring innovative programs and initiatives to the agency. The TTS CoE and AI Portfolio have hosted three webinars focused on AI Acquisitions. Administrator Emily W. Murphy was nominated by President Donald J. Trump to lead the U.S. General Services Administration. Government experts need to partner with industry as they build AI solutions to embed responsibility throughout. Emily Murphy: I was a senior advisor at GSA, prior to being confirmed as Administrator, and one of the areas I focused on was how GSA could better manage the intersection between contracting and technology innovation. Using chatbots to answer questions from technology users. AI is also being leveraged by the federal government as part of a strategy to understand specific areas of need, such as rulemaking and regulatory reform. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The vice president takes the oath first, followed at noon by the new president. By Jessica Mason Nov 18th, 2020, 5:22 pm . In a pair of tweets, Trump said he gave the greenlight to Murphy's decision, because it was in the "best interest of our country." The technical developers of AI are making ethical choices as they are building the system, so they need to understand how those technical decisions are also choices being made from an ethical perspective. Advances in AI and ML have fundamentally changed the way private industry does business. 100 former GOP national security officials warn Trump must allow transition, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. 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