A 1989 Gallup poll seemed to show strong support of the use of animals in biomedical research. Roper poll results confirm conventional wisdom on the topic of boomers'financial planning. What does poll mean? poll in a sentence and translation of poll in Portuguese dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.com Wayne Gretzky was voted Canadian Sportsman of the Year in a poll tax in a sentence - Use "poll tax" in a sentence 1. i am a very imaginative person. 3. This poll exemplifies the problem with all of these polls: it doesn't say what it's measuring. Examples of poll in a sentence, how to use it. 12. polls example sentences. "The polls don't support the people outside. Examples of poll in a sentence: 1. 🔊 Many companies use a poll to determine how satisfied their customers are with their service. Sometimes I think certain people respond to polls with the answer they think is wanted, rather than with what they really believe. A poll tax was established. 0. The required payment of poll taxes prevented most of them from voting. use "poll" in a sentence. How to use polls in a sentence. 8. Opinion poll definition: An opinion poll involves asking people's opinions on a particular subject , especially... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 22. 67 examples: Baseera implemented also the first exit poll in the middle east. He helped repeal the poll tax in Texas during the 1960s. The poll tax provisions, already rendered moot, were removed. Há 1 década. The poll tax revolts are a warning of the fury that changes to local authority finances can trigger. ; No one runs for public office today without relying on opinion polls. Lv 5. 32. Resposta favorita. Result of the poll still very doubtful. Use "poll tax" in a sentence | "poll tax" example sentences 1- Like the poll tax, this property tax is deeply flawed.2- The community charge or poll tax is open He challenged the Southern practice of charging Blacks a poll … Justin leaned across the pool and cupped a hand under the stream of water. poll tax in a sentence - Use "poll tax" in a sentence 1. Use “poll” in a sentence | “poll” sentence examples یادگیری لغت poll در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت poll اساتید زبان همیشه شاهد اعتراضات زبان‌آموزان هستند که در حفظ لغات ناکام‌اند و معمولاً جملات زیر را از زبان‌آموزان می‌شنوند: Harry Truman once asked, "How far would have Moses gone if he had taken a poll in Egypt?" 18. use "poll" in a sentence The results of the latest opinion poll have given the government new ammunition in their determination to increase the education budget. Chretien needs to improve his image in Quebec if he hopes to win at the polls in the next election. 48 examples: This straw poll shows a field of commentators quite evenly divided - indicating… 2. One Gallup poll at the time said more people knew about the trial than knew the full name of the president. We've got a pool going in the office. "Yeah, well, I guess that is a bit too long to be a poll entry. He opposed the poll tax in the'40s and supported civil rights in the'50s. Poll taxes and artificial tests that discouraged voting were abolished. A 2002 Roper poll conducted for the aliens had visited the Earth. : The poll tax had its critics but it was a lot fairer than the current system. Pool sentence examples. use "poll" in a sentence The latest New Hampshire poll only shows good things for Christie. The United States uses a poll to determine which politicians their citizens vote for. 1 0. nikkiyayxoxo. Tapener was a Member of Parliament for poll tax in Devizes. 0. The abolition of the poll tax was announced on 21 March 1991. click for more sentences of poll tax: 10. poll definition: The definition of a poll is a counting or voting, or a: 6. 11. (Donald Barthelme, "A City of Churches. 2. We could probably not poll more than two thousand votes. Examples of opinion poll in a sentence, how to use it. The point is not that we should make law by opinion poll, he said. Under Garcia's leadership, the American GI Forum demanded an end to poll taxes. Poll definition, a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis. The definition of a poll is a counting or voting, or a place where people vote. Poll: Describe yourself in a single sentence? Poll definition: A poll is a survey in which people are asked their opinions about something, usually in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Exit poll definition is - a poll taken (as by news media) of voters leaving the voting place that is usually used for predicting the winners. : Already the voices of protest are growing louder and scenes reminiscent of the poll tax rebellion may not be far away. Gallup-poll sentence examples. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "poll" Chretien needs to improve his image in Quebec if he hopes to win at the polls in the next electionAccording to a recent poll, the majority of people in this country support freedom of choice in the matter of abortion. Maheshwari even took a poll to figure out what to name the system. Examples of straw poll in a sentence, how to use it. 78. Crimes that fall within the law include murder, rape, sexual abuse and robbery. It's difficult to see poll tax in a sentence . Relevância. See more. It's difficult to see poll taxes in a sentence . Examples of national poll in a sentence, how to use it. 2. - Ellis also… 20 examples: Both teams' standings in the national polls were affected by the game. Anônimo. Example sentences with the word polls. Examples "A red-and-white striped barber pole was attached inconspicuously to the front of the Antioch Pentecostal." "The New Yorker, 1960); The telephone line that runs across the lake is suspended by buoys rather than poles. Find more ways to say poll, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 28. The Supreme Court outlawed the disgraceful poll tax for voters in 1966. 26 Respostas. This newest opinion poll will obviously bolster the governor's campaign for re-election. Examples of exit poll in a sentence, how to use it. 0. - It takes account of national polls and trends but excludes local issues. How to use Poll in a sentence as a verb. 2. 100 examples: A voter confronted with multiple polls that differ ought to consider a mixture… He conducts polls for the respected Mexico City newspaper, Reforma. Poll definition is - head. 97 examples: This 'by-product theory of news consumption' is then tested with analysis of… 🔊 According to a recent poll, the majority of people in this country support freedom of choice in the matter of abortion. How to use poll in a sentence. Most of the time I'm at the pool or resting in the air conditioned house. poll in a sentence Example Sentences for "poll" If you are not registered to vote, you can do so at the polling station. poll in a sentence - Use "poll" in a sentence 1. 🔊 If you are curious to learn the public opinion about something, you can give a poll to find out. 2. Há 1 … ‘Of the total who went to the polls 156 people spoiled their vote leaving a valid poll of 32,159.’ ‘He bowed out of politics after receiving 1133 votes, his lowest poll in the four elections he fought over a nine year period.’ ‘As a result, he began to top the polls as preferred prime minister.’ The poll shows a massive partisan divide on both questions. 0. : John Major's Tory government introduced the council tax in 1993 to replace the hated poll tax. About 47% of Oregon prison inmates are serving sentences under Measure 11, which voters approved in 1994. She had assumed the pool was for his daughter. Responder Salvar. Another word for poll. The government has commissioned a poll to determine public opinion on the issue. 39. The required payment of poll taxes prevented most of them from voting. Examples of Poll in a sentence. 6: to check (devices, such as several computer terminals sharing a single line) in sequence for messages waiting to be transmitted pool. roper poll in a sentence - Use "roper poll" in a sentence 1. +1 to the non-existent poll entry that says:"I know C thoroughly, though I barely ever use it these days.