By Janine Barnes . 1. Pharmacists also need to pass a second exam on pharmacy law. Recently, I listed some of the advantages of being a pharmacist. degree in a work setting, she must take and pass two pharmacist licensing tests. CVS Scholarship – WCU Applicant Name: Steven Kim (P3) The Benefits of Being Bilingual in a Community Pharmacy Through the formation of structured language, human beings acquire the ability to share information and ideas, an attribute that sets humans apart from any other species. Keep reading to learn about some of the exciting advantages of becoming a pharmacy … Benefits of Becoming a Pharmacy Preceptor. The first is the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination, or MPJE, which is taken through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.This multiple-choice exam tests the pharmacist’s knowledge of the laws that govern the dispensing of medicine. You Get to Help People. They can also develop their careers in clinical pharmacy, research, or even in retail. Inpatients. IPPs can offer benefits to patients throughout their stay in hospital. Participate in an internship under the direction of a registered pharmacist to become qualified to practice pharmacy. Fulltime employees are eligible to participate in all of the benefits listed below. Benefits of being a specialist pharmacist. No matter the reason, there are many benefits of doing business with a local retailer and that includes an independent pharmacy. You’ll assist the pharmacist by maintaining medication safety of the patients. There are many health care employers searching for qualified people and there is projected growth for the health care industry. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Pharmacy Technician is that you can see the impact your work has on helping improve others’ lives. Members can take advantage of more than 80 FREE CPE offerings. They may also have other benefits to the business such as increased number of patients, and improved relationships with other NHS providers. Poor adherence by patients has been liked to significant deterioration of achievable outcomes. Here are our top 5 reasons to consider a career as a Locum Pharmacist. How to Become a Pharmacist Immunizer . Whether you’ve been interested in becoming a pharmacy technician for some time or you’re just starting to look into the position, you’ll soon discover there are a handful of benefits that begin even before you launch your career. I walked into the grocery store one day and, as per usual, I met one of my patients. Shopping local has become quite a trend lately. Other benefits of becoming a pharmacy tech are: Job Stability. Independent prescribing pharmacists (IPPs) must operate within multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals to maintain safety and efficacy. 5 6 7. The WHO has stated adherence among patients suffering chronic diseases averages only 50 per cent. Pros: - A pharmacist can choose from the various field of practice and can choose to work in full time or part time - Job security is also there because as long as people are there; there will be need of pharmacists. Pharmacists must pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam, a 185-item computer-based test. A positive approach has paid dividends that go beyond a paycheck. Requirements for doing so vary in each place, however. Now, a little older and a great deal wiser, I love being a community pharmacist—especially the “community” aspect of it. No one actually talks about the other side of the coin ‘positives of being a Locum Pharmacist’. This is one of the biggest benefits of being a pharmacist. Give back to the profession that has made you a great role model. What are benefits for being a pharmacist? Keep abreast of current medications … The benefit of being a pharmacist is a) getting a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree is the fastest doctorate that you can earn; and b) the starting salary for pharmacists in the USA is almost $100,000 a year. There are tons of perks to being a pharmacist, some of which involve actual perks. Strengthen your career APhA members enjoy educational opportunities designed to increase knowledge and keep up with the latest information. After a quick chat, I went on my way to shop. Engaging with local surgeries As a pharmacist independent prescriber you may need to work closely with other healthcare professionals and local GPs in order to provide the best possible care for your patients. More and more pharmacies are using non-salary incentives to attract quality staff or retain experienced workers. Reason 2. After university, to become a fully qualified pharmacist you'll need to: work for a 1-year pre-registration period under supervision in a community or hospital pharmacy; pass a registration exam ; Must have skills. At school I was fascinated by how drugs affect the body, particularly the brain. Wiki User Answered . When these innovations are combined with the growing influence of consumers focused on their well-being, the future of pharmacy will be radically different. Allowing Access to Discontinued Medications . Top Answer. The pharmacist-led clinical medication review clinic is where I believe pharmacists can offer real benefit in improving long-term patient outcomes. To become employed in the health care field the first step is to complete the education required in the medical area you have chosen. APhA’s benefits philosophy is to provide a comprehensive and competitive benefits package designed to foster the health and financial wellness of our staff and their families, while promoting work/life balance. Additionally, some pharmacists become consultants, helping other pharmaceutical professionals advance in their careers. One of the truly great aspects of being a pharmacist is the impressive breadth of our profession.